Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan

Finding cheap auto insurance companies in Michigan is as easy as entering your zip code into our rapid quote system allowing you to obtain multiple quotes from top insurance companies in Michigan assuring that you’ll get the lowest quote possible for your insurance needs.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan

One of the main keys to getting the cheapest auto insurance in Michigan that’s possible for your needs is to understand what aspects of insurance quoting can actually give you savings and secondly, to understand what kind of insurance you need as a Michigan resident.

Auto insurance is regulated at the state level in every state and each state has their own insurance laws and minimum requirements for the various types of required coverage.  It varies from state to state so doing a little research on Michigan auto insurance law is helpful to say the least.  These are the keys to finding cheap auto insurance companies in Michigan for your particular location.

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan – Michigan Requirements

Michigan uses a no-fault system for insurance which means if you have an accident, your insurance provider will pay for your injury costs irregardless of who is at fault, up to the specific limit in your policy. Unfortunately, you often give up some of your rights to sue another party using a no-fault system. Each state varies on how their no-fault provisions work.  Michigan no fault insurance requirements as a state isn’t unique as there are 16 states that have the same system versus a tort system used in the other states.

Personal Injury Protection or (PIP) as it’s called, assists in paying for necessary medical costs if you are injured in an accident. Michigan requires PIP coverage for medical and reimbursement for loss of work.

While Michigan doesn’t require uninsured/underinsured coverage, it’s advisable to have this with your policy.  It’s a valuable coverage that can add additional compensation if you get into an accident caused by another without insurance or with too little.

Michigan Auto Insurance Requirement Minimums

The state law in Michigan requires a minimum of injury liability of $20,000 per person or an amount of $40,000 per accident.  Additionally, the minimum coverage for liability associated with property damage is $10,000. This basic coverage is commonly referred to in the industry as 20/40/10 coverage.

Ways to Save on Michigan Auto Insurance Coverage

There are many ways to save on auto insurance in Michigan.  Since auto insurance is quoted by location due to crime rates of auto theft, accidents and vandalism the obvious initial deduction is that you can save by living in a safer area where crime and accidents are lower.  Usually, rural locations are cheaper than metropolitan locations for this reason.

  • Additional savings can be accomplished by driving less.  Consider carpooling as an option to put less miles on the road thereby reducing the risk of even having an accident.
  • If you drive a vehicle equipped with current safety features you’ll automatically get deductions with your quote as the insurance companies know how these cars are equipped from the manufacturer.
  • Drive a higher rated safety car that also costs less to repair.  If you’re serious about saving on your car insurance, driving a high performance car or expensive import isn’t going to help your cause.
  • Increasing the deductible on your policy to a point that you can financially afford if you get into an accident is an important consideration and one of the highest impact factors you can do.
  • If your car is older and worth little, you certainly can consider reducing or eliminating your collision coverage on your vehicle that would pay for repair in case of an accident.

Finding cheap auto insurance companies in Michigan has become one of the easiest things you can do by shopping online and getting multiple quote comparisons from leading companies like those offered here at  It’s easy, fast, free and best of all you’ll be confident you’ve really found the lowest rate possible for your situation.

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