Cheap car Insurance Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

Cheap Auto Insurance Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

Cheap Auto Insurance Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

We offer cheap auto insurance Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ, but you need to understand what the AZ requirements and options are before you begin getting quotes.

With so many people on the road, it’s important that you are protected.

Auto Insurance in Arizona protects you from many of the risks of owning and operating an automobile. In Scottsdale or Phoenix Arizona and all of Arizona, Auto Insurance includes the following risks:

1. Being found liable for an accident you caused including:

  • Injuries to other people
  • Damage to other owner’s cars

2. Damage to your auto:

  • Collision damage
  • Storm damage
  • Unforeseen Animal Collisions

3. Stolen vehicle.

4. Injuries to you and your passengers due to an auto accident resulting in:

  • Large unforeseen medical bills
  • Lost wages

5. Loss of use of your vehicle due to damage

Cheap Auto Insurance Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

Since Arizona is a tort state, a driver is considered liable for any damage and injury they cause in an any kind of an accident. By purchasing cheap auto auto insurance in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ, you are in compliance with the law and financially insulating yourself from the liability to the extent of your liability coverage.

Liability is the most important element of your entire insurance policy. Auto Insurance liability minimums in Arizona are 20/40/15 which means the insurance company will payout $20,000 per person for injuries you cause to the other party to a total of $40,000 for all claims.  And up to $15,000 for damage you cause to another person’s property.

As mentioned, these are only minimum requirements of Arizona.   It is usually a good idea to purchase more than the minimum amount, but is obviously dependent on your car, driving and financial situation.  What would happen if you an expensive car, like a Bentley?

The good news is that, increasing your Auto Insurance coverage is not that expensive.  Cheap Auto Insurance in Scottsdale AZ can be found right here by getting multiple quotes on in about a half hours time.

In some cases you can buy fifty thousand more dollars worth of coverage for just a few dollars per month. This is a great idea.  You are just making sure that you and your vehicle are protected. When the unexpected happens it can be extremely costly, but with the right insurance coverage you can protect yourself from legal and financial calamity.

Cheap Auto Insurance Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

In addition to required by law liability coverage, Arizona drivers may choose to purchase optional coverage for some “first party benefits”. These include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and loss of services. These benefits apply to every accident regardless of fault.

Our auto insurance companies in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona will also offer optional policies such as collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will pay the cost of fixing or replacing your car after an accident regardless of who was driving or who was to blame. Comprehensive will pay for damages that occur due to something other than an accident. It is to replace or fix your car if it is stolen or if it is damaged by causes other than a collision, such as fire, vandalism or hail. Auto Insurance also pays for a rent car or other temporary transportation if your car is stolen.

By law, if you intend to operate a vehicle on an Arizona highway, you must have auto insurance.  But like wearing a seat belt, it is essentially good idea anyway. This is the reason why so many people are reluctant to purchase only the bare minimum required by law in their states.

Many people have their own ideas about what is necessary to protect them on the road, but most of us will agree that even basic coverage is a great idea. Additionally, many will agree that an Auto Insurance Premium is a small price to pay to protect family from financial ruin that follows an uninsured traffic accident. Therefore, Auto Insurance in Arizona is worth paying for.

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