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cheap car insurance in PAOnline Insurance Agents offers cheap car insurance in PA through our partner network where you can get fast, free and convenient quotes from our online rapid quoting system in just minutes.  Obtaining multiple online quotes is the only proven way to make sure you’re getting the cheapest car insurance in PA possible and for the coverage that suits your needs.

Cheap Car Insurance in PA

While most people know that car insurance is a requirement in every State, you may not be aware that millions of people every year now quote their car insurance online to conveniently shop for their insurance needs by quoting with multiple companies because of the savings that multiple quoting offers.

Here are the reasons that online quoting to get cheap car insurance in PA should be a mandatory part of your financial planning process:

  • No two car insurance companies quote the same premiums on their policies.
  • The first quote that you receive is rarely the best quote that you’re going to get.
  • Our online quoting system allows you change the variables such as how much your deductible is, the amount of coverage you get and the various types of coverage you want… on the fly so you can do “what-if” scenarios.
  • Car insurance companies that we partner with run special discounts at different times to attract your business.  Take advantage of it!
  • Online car insurance quoting is fast, easy, convenient and free no matter how many quotes you get.
  • You get quotes from multiple companies to do price comparison shopping.  You shop price for everything else, why wouldn’t you for car insurance as well?
  • It’s FREE!  It’s 100% free to get as many quotes as you want from as many providers as you choose to quote from.

Car insurance is big business and multiple quoting online to obtain cheap car insurance in PA is a reality when car insurance companies compete for your business and the savings can be tremendous.  Our providers in PA offer numerous discounts including discounts for new customers that save the company’s resources by quoting online.

If you’ve never quoted your insurance online before, you’re in for a treat.  Just compare calling multiple insurance agents to set appointments to have personal meetings taking hours of your time to hear their sales pitches… to our online quoting system where you can have multiple quotes to choose from in less that 20 minutes knowing with complete certainty that you’ve got the cheap car insurance in PA that you were looking for.

Sadly these days, there are many folks that still accept the annual increases from their insurance companies without questioning the fact that car insurance quotes can vary dramatically and they could be saving hundreds of dollars every year.

Cheap Car Insurance in PA-How to Save

Car insurance prices in PA can vary widely.  While the Statewide average is about $100 lower than the National average, local differences show a much wider disparity.  For example, annual car insurance premiums in Philadelphia are on average about $900 more than the average annual car insurance premiums in Pittsburgh.

Car insurance companies accumulate actuarial statistics about their customers and the general population by zip code.  If you’re living in an area that has a higher car theft, vandalism or accident claims rate, you can expect to pay more for your car insurance with all other variables remaining the same.  As a result, car insurance in more densely populated metropolitan areas are considerably higher than those in rural areas.  While that’s good news for those moving out to the country, there are things you can do to reduce your insurance premiums for city dwellers.

Often folks think there is little they can do to lower their insurance costs besides maintaining a safe driving record.  While that is extremely important, there are a number of other factors to consider that affect your premiums for you to save money:

  • Keeping a clean record free of tickets.
  • Maintaining as good of a credit rating as possible.
  • Having no accident claims.  Pay cash for small claims that are less than your deductible.
  • Taking advantage of any good student discounts if you’re a young driver.
  • Getting multiple policies from the same company.
  • Increasing your deductible to an amount that you still can afford if you get into an accident.  This can dramatically help hold down your premiums.
  • Getting rid of collision coverage if your car isn’t worth much.
  • Driving a safer car that has a high safety rating.
  • Reducing the miles you drive by biking or carpooling.
  • Taking a State approved defensive driving course.
  • The biggest key to getting cheap insurance for young drivers…. getting multiple quotes right here from our top partners to confirm you’re getting the best prices.

By implementing most or all of these strategies, you can cut your car insurance costs dramatically in addition to the discounts offered by our partner network.  For a rundown of the types of cheap car insurance in PA and the rest of the U.S., click on the link.  It should answer many of the questions you may have about the types of coverage available if you’re not familiar with car insurance coverage.

Cheap Car Insurance in PA-State Requirements

The State of PA follows a what is known as a “tort” system where you can choose tort options to outline the rights you have to compensation if you or a member of your household injures you or them in an auto accident. You may choose between what is known as Full Tort or Limited Tort. It’s important to know that if you choose the Full Tort option, your rights to financial compensation for injuries caused by other drivers is unrestricted.

The PA State minimum requirements for coverage are:

Bodily Injury Liability: $15,000/$30,000 Max.
Property Damage Liability: $5,000 Max.
First Party Benefits (PIP) Personal Injury Protection: $5,000

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) helps pay for “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses for you and your passengers.

For additional information about the State of Pennsylvania insurance coverage requirements to get cheap car insurance in PA, visit our article at the link.  It details more about the tort options available and the State requirements that affect you as a PA resident.

We hope this article has been helpful so you feel well equipped to begin getting multiple quotes and to start saving money on all of your insurance needs.  As you’ll find, we offer nearly every type of insurance available so you can indeed get multiple policies and save even more money.  Enjoy the process and more importantly, enjoy the savings you receive!

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