Buying Cheap Auto Insurance in San Diego, CA

We offer low quotes for cheaper auto insurance in San Diego, CA every single day to our online customers that use our fast and free rapid quote system.  By obtaining multiple quotes from our network of top insurance providers, you can save $300-$500 per year on your auto insurance on on many of the insurance products you need for yourself and your family.

Cheap Auto Insurance San Diego, CA

There is no better place to buy discount auto insurance in San Diego than right here on our rapid quote network quoting site.  Getting cheaper auto insurance in San Diego isn’t just a function of your driving record, it’s also a function of getting multiple quotes to have top companies compete for your business allowing you to know with confidence that you are indeed getting the lowest quote possible for your situation.

Additionally, it’s important to know that insurance is initially quoted by zip code to determine which of our partners serve the greater San Diego marketplace, but your zip code also figures prominently into your quote as a function of the level of auto theft and vandalism damage claims and accident claims in your area.  As an example, low cost auto insurance in San Diego is about $350 per year cheaper than the same quote would be in many parts of Los Angeles due to these factors.

Cheap Auto Insurance in San Diego CA-State Insurance Requirements

California, like many States follow a tort system.  What that means as it relates to insurance claims is that in the case of an accident, someone will be found to be at fault for an insurance accident.  That person and their insurance company will be responsible for all costs associated with damages and liability related to the accident.  As such, it’s important in California to make sure you get ample insurance, but not duplicate insurance if you have a medical insurance policy that has comprehensive coverage.

When quoting insurance, make sure you know the minimum required coverage for your state.  In California, it’s as follows:

California mandates a minimum bodily injury liability amount of $15,000 per injured person up to $30,000 per accident, and property damage liability coverage with a minimum limit of $5,000. This basic coverage is often referred to as 15/30/5 coverage.

Cheap Auto Insurance in San Diego CA-Ways to Save

While you’re getting auto insurance quotes in San Diego CA on our website, you will input your zip code and select the type of insurance you’re looking for (in this case auto).  You’ll be forwarded to a screen with our partner network providers where you simply click “GO” to begin quoting.  It only takes a few minutes per quote.

You’ll begin filling out some information and you’ll have ample opportunity to make adjustments to adjust the quotes as you go.  For example, you can raise or lower your deductible to see how it affects your premium.  You can adjust your mileage if you have the option of carpooling to work to see how that affects your premium and so on.

Remember to take advantage of good student discounts for any high school or college age drivers and you can save even more by combining auto policies with one provider.

Most importantly, take the time to get 3 to 5 quotes to compare to determine which provider gives you the lowest quote, but do make sure to quote the same variables so your quotes are for the same coverage.  Enjoy the savings and come back often!


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