Cheaper Long Island Auto Insurance from Our Long Island Partner Network

If you’re looking for cheaper car insurance in Long Island, our Long Island auto insurance partner network offers some of the lowest quotes available and it doesn’t matter whether you live in the more suburban parts of Nassau and Suffolk Counties or you reside in Queens and Brooklyn.  While you’re eyes may glaze over when you think of having to get car insurance, online quoting makes the process of obtaining car insurance much faster and easier than most people realize.

We provide free quotes to some of the best priced top tier online Long Island car insurance companies in a fast and convenient way so you can price shop quickly and get 3-4 quotes in minutes to get an idea of how low our pricing is or you can acquire a new car insurance policy all in one easy to use location right from the comfort of your own home.  Companies like Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and more.  By the way, there is never an obligation to purchase, so if your main objective is to just price shop then our quoting system is perfect for you and you’ll find that we offer most types of insurance available to meet your needs.

Long Island Auto Insurance is Very Competitive

The best part of online quoting is that you don’t have to talk to anyone or feel pressured if you want to simply price quote to find out what the best deal is for your situation.  The fact is, no two companies quote the same way and you’ll find when you quote that often your first quote isn’t the lowest quote you’ll receive.  In fact, if you get 3 to 4 quotes you’ll find they’ll all be different and that’s very common.

Can you imagine with all the options available what it would be like if you took the route of getting quotes by personally visiting 3 or 4 Long Island insurance agents.  While the Long Island car insurance market is competitive, you have to consider how much time you would spend setting appointments and personally visiting with the agents only to have them pitch their brand to you when you could have had all the pricing information you needed in less than a half hour.  The convenience factor is just too big too ignore and that’s the main reason millions of people quote online.  These days, who has the time to spend.

Enough about the advantages of saving time and money with a free service, let’s discuss what you need to know when you quote car insurance in Long Island or the State of New York.

Long Island Car Insurance – New York State Requirements

New York is in the minority when it comes to car insurance in the fact that it is a no fault State.  This means no matter who is at fault for an accident, your insurance company will be responsible for any injury claims to the limit specified in your policy.  Here is a short video that explains how New York no fault car insurance works in a clear and concise way:

I hope this video allows you to understand no fault insurance a little better.  Below are the New York State car insurance requirement minimums that all Long Island auto insurance buyers have to meet.  Remember, these are minimum requirements.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident.
  • Property Damage Liability of $10,000
  • PIP or Personal Injury Protection common in no fault States used for helping to pay necessary and reasonable medical expenses of $50,000.
  • Uninsured and under insured motorist protection of $25,000 per person $50,000 per accident.  This is required in New York, but in many states is optional.  Frankly it’s one of the most important coverages you can have especially for the cost.

Getting Cheaper Long Island Auto Insurance Through Knowledge

If you’re new to quoting car insurance then you’re going to appreciate the savings you can get with the online car insurance quoting process and the money that you can save.  Beyond this, there are many other ways to save on car insurance that you can find out at this link to one of our previous articles.

The online quoting process begins with your zip code because where you live has a great deal to do with the cost of your insurance.  Common sense would tell you that if you live in a highly populated metropolitan area where accidents, theft and vandalism occur your cost is statistically going to be more than if you live in a rural area.  More claims lead to higher premiums for a geographical area and with car insurance it’s defined by your zip code.

Practical solutions like having a higher deductible, driving a safer car, driving less miles and driving a car of less value all come into play.  You can adjust variables when you’re quoting online to see what the affect on your premiums would be for the same coverage.

Keep in mind that buying the best car insurance in Long Island is a combination of the best price for the right amount of coverage.  Many folks, you included will likely increase your coverage beyond the minimum requirements and you can adjust these factors as well while you’re quoting.

In the brief time it takes to read this article and to get 3 to 4 quotes from our network, you’ll be confident that you’re getting the best coverage for the best price possible for your situation.  We hope you enjoy the savings.





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