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Car Insurance Quote Estimates-Free Car Insurance Estimates

car insurance quote estimatesCar insurance quote estimates from gives you a unique opportunity to shop and compare car insurance prices through our “Rapid Quote” Partner Network allowing consumers of all ages access to some of the best car insurance quotes available in the marketplace from top tier partner companies.   From discount car insurance quote estimates for 16 year old teenagers to adults over 55, we offer free fast quoting at prices that can save most drivers a great deal of money on their insurance premiums.

Car Insurance Quote Estimates-Choices

So, it’s time to renew your car insurance and you have some choices. Three choices  that are vastly different.  You be the judge as to what course of action you’re going to take to get the best car insurance quote estimates that will really make a difference in your monthly budget.

  1. Renew with your current company and accept their normal annual increases.
  2. Contact various local agents, set appointments and run around spending hours hearing their pitches and quotes with growing indecision about what direction to take.
  3. Log on to your computer, come to, get multiple quotes online with the ability to adjust your coverage types, amounts and deductible and end up with multiple quotes giving you concrete knowledge that you’ve got the best pricing for your situation and you did it right from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t be confused by insurance agents or insurance commercials on television, the process is really this simple and the answer lies in your ability to do some homework all by yourself with no outside influence.   We like to say that “online quoting puts the power of saving back into the hands of the people”.  As more and more in life is being governed, restricted, managed and simply taken out of your control, the process of getting online car insurance quote estimates has gained enormous popularity, because it’s directly within “your” control and ability to save the most amount of money possible with the least amount of effort.

Car Insurance Quote Estimates-Real Life Advantages

While there is a lot of talk about the advantages of online car insurance quote estimates, let’s look at the real life advantages built into the process of quoting with that make saving money a reality for you and millions of other people.

  1. Car insurance quoting is free, fast and very convenient.
  2. You don’t have to leave home to get 3,4 or even 5 quotes.
  3. You end up having concrete knowledge you’ve got the best quote possible.
  4. No two car insurance companies use the same formula to quote insurance.
  5. The first quote you receive is very often not the lowest quote which is why you really need to get multiple quotes.
  6. The variables of each quote can be changed such as the type of coverage, the amount of coverage and the deductible amounts you quote.  This allows you the unique opportunity to make adjustments while you’re quoting to see what the impact of each will be.
  7. When you get car insurance quote estimates with us for free at , you can quote not only car insurance, but also homeowners, health, group health, business, life, motorcycle and renters insurance.   We do this because having multiple policies with the same provider can lead to additional savings for our customers.
  8. It’s 100% FREE and there is never an obligation to buy if you’re just taking the time to do your research so you can make a later decision.  No pressure and no hype.  Try leaving an insurance agent’s office without making a commitment!

It’s pretty obvious why online quoting makes sense for folks in this day and age and it’s likely obvious to you that if you’re really in the market to save money, obtaining multiple car insurance quote estimates is the only proven way to ensure the most amount of savings for you and your family.

Car Insurance Quote Estimates-10 Ways to Save

Like many aspects of life, everyone that’s looking to save money on car insurance quote estimates, is doing so for different reasons and often each person is in a vastly different situation.  We understand that and it’s for this reason that we write articles for beginner drivers that need the most instruction to the more experienced drivers that have more knowledge, but are just looking to get the best pricing possible.

If you are new to the insurance business and need to learn more about the types of coverages available when you get car insurance quote estimates, simply click on the link and you’ll be taken to an authority page about car insurance in the U.S..

You may or may not know that car insurance is now mandatory in every State and is regulated at the State level in each State.  There are a few States like Wisconsin that has a financial responsibility law that states if you can be self insured (due to a high net worth), you can have that option.

Additionally, the biggest difference between the regulations in most states is that some states are “no-fault” states and others are “at-fault” states and follow a Tort law system.  Here’s an article on no-fault car insurance and at-fault insurance so you can know what the differences are (and they are significant).  Just be aware that each type can have some variations even under the same system and in most no-fault states, PIP insurance or Personal Injury Protection insurance is either mandatory or optional.

If you’re a new young driver or teenager looking to get car insurance quote estimates you can click on the link provided and learn more about your options.  Yes, it’s true that young drivers pay more for car insurance and that’s likely not to change anytime soon.  Insurance is a business of statistics and probabilities and young people are inexperienced behind the wheel and more prone to be in an accident.

The numbers don’t lie, but that’s all the more reason you need to get multiple car insurance quotes to save money and here are the ways you can save:

  1. Driving a less expensive car so you may eliminate collision coverage if the cost to fix your car in most accidents is more than the car is worth..
  2. Increasing your deductible as high as possible to save money, but not to a point that it’s not affordable for you should you get into an accident.
  3. Not driving a vehicle that has a poor overall safety rating.  You want to drive a car that has the most important safety features as viewed by insurance companies.  Often aftermarket safety features can be added.
  4. Not driving a sports car or muscle car that is costly to repair or is stolen or vandalized often or has a history of accident claims because of the temptation to race the car and drive it recklessly.
  5. Driving less miles by carpooling for biking more often. Less miles, saves money.
  6. Combining policies with the same insurance company.  We have that ability.
  7. Receiving good student discounts that may apply if you’re still in college or high school.
  8. Getting 3-5 online quotes to ensure you’re getting the best pricing possible for the coverage you want and need.
  9. Maintaining a safe and responsible driving record.
  10. Maintaining a good credit rating.

All of these opportunities for savings are available to most individuals, but one thing that will influence your car insurance quotes that we haven’t touched on is your locations.  When you get car insurance quotes with us you’ll input your zip code and that’s done for two very specific reasons.

The first is that it allows our system to provide you with the car insurance companies in our partner network that are serving your location and secondly, your quote will reflect the car accident claims rate, auto theft rate and vandalism rates in your specific area as well.  It goes without saying that large populations of people in metro areas often equal higher rates of insurance premiums.

We sincerely home this article helps you understand the process of online quoting.  Your opportunity to save awaits and you begin by simply entering your zip code, selecting the type of insurance you’re looking for and you’ll be given a page with providers in your area.  All of our partners are top tier companies that are the biggest and the best in the country.  To ensure you get the lowest quote possible it’s advised to get 3 or 4 quotes.  Thanks for working with and we hope you enjoy the savings.




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Auto Insurance: What Options For Coverage Are Available?

Need to buy drivers insurance coverage for your vehicle?

If you are planning to purchase a new car you should have a new auto insurance policy effective from the date you take ownership of a new vehicle.

What’s the reason for having Auto Insurance?

If you ever get into a crash where people are injured and there is damage to vehicles having vehicle insurance will protect you against the financial losses that would accrue An auto accident can be a financial tragedy to the driver at fault if he/she does not have sufficient car insurance or doesn’t even have car insurance at all.

There are several types of drivers insurance coverage options you can add to your policy and it is important that you know what you need before you buy auto insurance.

Auto Car Insurance Coverage Types:

Bodily Injury / Liability Coverage:

If you are at fault in an accident bodily injury liability coverage will protect you in the case of bodily injury or death of the other party.

Medical Payments / No-Fault / Personal Injury Coverage:

Medical Payments / No-Fault / Personal Injury drivers insurance coverage, in the case of an accident, regardless of fault, will cover the driver and the passengers in the vehicle in the accident.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage:

With Comprehensive it insures your car against being vandalized, damage from a fire (natural or from another car), auto theft and / or other covered occurrences listed in the policy. Basically it will cover your car in most cases where it is damaged.

Collision Coverage:

Let’s say that you were in an accident but it was undetermined who was at fault. Well, with collision coverage it really does not matter as it will insure any damage done to your vehicle regardless so you can bring it in and get it fixed either way and restore it to its original condition in most cases.

Property Damage Liability Coverage:

Now if you are driving and accidentally damage the property of someone else Property Damage Liability Coverage will cover any expenses that arise from that damage. If somehow the situation goes into litigation where you must go to court and resolve this then this type of coverage will also cover those expenses as well.

UnInsured Motorist Coverage:

If there was a hit-and-run driver involved and you could not get their information then this will also cover the damage caused by them. May also provide coverage if the driver at fault is underinsured (has drivers insurance but not sufficient coverage)}}.

The automobile insurance agency that you deal with may also offer many more options for other types of coverage that you can add on to your car insurance plan:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

There is another option call Mechanical Breakdown Insurance and if your car breaks down for any reason during its normal lifespan this will take care of the expenses that will be mandatory to fix it and get it up and running normally again.

Rental Reimbursement

Rental Reimbursement helps provide you with a substitute rental car when your car is being fixed after a car crash.

Emergency Roadside Service

Like AAA service this coverage will take care of services such as no gas, being locked out of the car, emergency towing, etc.. Your auto insurance company may or may not have these additional options available to you for your policy. It will vary from insurer to insurer..

Are there ways to get you the most savings for your car insurance?

Of course. Online is where you want to be when looking for cheap auto insurance quotes.

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Insuring A Classic Car – Information & Advice

Unlike insuring a standard vehicle, insuring a classic car can be a bit more problematic, so it is a good idea to research the types of policies available and learn about the restrictions they commonly include. Insuring a classic car is becoming more and more popular as so many folks are retiring their classic cars from the 50’s to the 70’s.

You can shop to insure a classic car like yours right here with our rapid quoting system partner network for any location in the U.S..  It’s fast, free and we’ll guide you through the entire process and as always, it’s important that you get more than one quote to ensure you’re choosing the lowest quote for the coverage you’re looking for.  When you’re quoting to insure a classic car with us, there’s never an obligation to purchase should you choose not to.  You can just use the quotes for comparison purposes.

Insuring a Classic Car-Classification

The first thing to consider is when insuring a classic car is whether your vehicle is actually classified as being a ‘classic’ one. Not every insurer will agree on the definition of a classic car, so it is important for you to talk to your agent to be sure that the company will consider your vehicle a classic car.

Most insurers will actually accept classic cars on their standard car insurance policies, but you may face high premiums if you choose to do this. When insuring a classic car, the agreed value clause, which pertains to the minimum amount that you will receive in the event that your vehicle is in an accident or stolen, and is the primary benefit of purchasing specialty insurance, will not apply when classic cars are placed on standard auto policies.

Insuring a Classic Car-Market Value

Most often, insurers will consider the current market prices of your vehicle when insuring a classic car in order to calculate how much to pay you for any claim that you file.  This can be difficult when it comes to classic cars, as it is not so simple to figure out their market value. In many cases, the insurer will end up undervaluing your car, and if they do so you will be forced to take that amount, even if you feel that it is unfair.  Insuring a classic car can be a little tricky in this respect.

One of the most price-sensitive markets is the one for classic cars; in fact, the value for the same model car can range from 50% to 500%. If your car is in mint condition, is limited edition or has providence, then without an agreed value clause then there is pretty much no way that you will receive its full value. Keep in mind that insurance companies, especially the well-known ones, are in the business to pay out as little for claims as they can.

Insuring a Classic Car – Restrictions

If you want to have an agreed value clause included in your  insuring a classic car, you will probably have to follow some rigid insurance guidelines. A yearly mileage maximum is one such rule, as it is expected that a classic car will be driven less, and the classic car insurance policy will reflect this guideline. Other restrictions might include adding security measures and limiting the number of classic car shows that you can take your vehicle to.

These restrictions that are associated with insuring a classic car, will generally allow these types of policies to be reasonably priced, but you should expect to pay a higher rate if your vehicle is a model that is considered very rare and in demand. When shopping to insure a classic car, having the agreed value clause included in your policy, should be a priority for you, and it is recommended that you live with a more expensive premium in order to have this clause included.

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Get the Best Car Insurance

Since the medical and repair costs involved with the accident of an automobile are very huge, it is very important for any car owner to have a car insurance that can protect him from these charges.Since these insurance policies come with an expensive insurance premium associated with them, it is important that you look at the various options and find the best auto insurance option to suit your needs. Looking at the options will help you in finding a policy that has lesser premium and sufficient cover to meet with the relevant costs.

One of the ways to reduce the premium associated with the different policies is to improve your standing on the various parameters that the insurance companies consider while computing the premium.The Companies generally look at aspects like the driver’s age and driving history, along with the locality of driving and the average commuting distance in order to compute the insurance premium amounts.In most cases, you can decrease the overall amount of the insurance by reducing the commute by making use of public transport.

You should also look out for the various other schemes that the insurance companies provide you so that your car insurance policy remains lighter on your wallet.Most Companies allow you to have a second insurance at lesser charges, provided the vehicle is your second car and you opt for options like multiple vehicle insurance with them.Removing the medical coverage from the car insurance policy can also help in reducing the premium amount provided you have adequate medical cover from your other policies.

In order to find the best auto insurance, you should compare the various policies that you are eligible for.There are both online and offline car insurance providers available, and all you need to do, is provide some information to them and get the relevant quotes.In general, not only is the online option better, since it allows you to get all the information from your home, but also the online auto insurance options are cheaper, since the Insurance Company does not need to invest in maintaining operations.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that you read and understand all the aspects of the policy to ensure there are no hidden charges. Make sure that you understand all the terms, especially the ones noted in fine print before you make a decision.Doing a proper research and reading reviews of people who had taken the same policy and requested from insurance claims will allow you in finding out the best auto insurance for yourself from the various car insurance policy options available.

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Get Instant Auto Insurance Quote

It is always an important question as to why should one get instant car insurance quotes. This helps the buyer to make an on the spot assessment of what he or she is going to shell out as an additional expense in order to own a car. There are several websites that are available online which give car insurance quotes on a click. All one has to do is enter the zip code and several quotes become available comparing one company’s rates with the other. Alternately you might have to answer some simple questions.

There are several types of car insurances to choose from. The rates for each of these schemes differ widely and they could affect your car price to a large extent. Some of the options are – “Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft”, gap coverage, road assistance etc. Comprehensive coverage understandably is the most expensive of the other coverage but is still only 50% of the collision coverage and about 1/3rd the price of liability coverage.

Different factors govern the car insurance quotes. For evaluating the application different insurance companies adopt different criteria. This process is called underwriting. Car insurance companies usually have guidelines with respect to groups of drivers and the rates depend on where amongst these groups of drivers the applicant falls. The guidelines vary from company to company. Usually the underwriting is a system driven process. All kinds of historical data such as accidents and tickets are evaluated by the insurance companies.

One method by which you can get an instant car insurance quote whose premium is affordable is to find out whether the category “expensive to insure” is applicable to this vehicle. Another method is to find out whether the cost of replacement is inexpensive. All premium cars that are highly expensive to replace will warrant a high car insurance quote.

It is important to know if one is paying the right car insurance rate or no. The easiest way to get car insurance quotes is to go online and check the same out. Otherwise you could spend more than what you had budgeted for.

If you are interested in instant car insurance quotes, you’ll also be interested in getting cheap car insurance for young drivers.

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Auto Accident and Insurance Deceit

If you’re involved in an auto accident the initial matter of concern should be to get fast assistance for anyone who had been hurt. Next, you will have to contact your insurance representative.

If you get your auto insurance policy from you would be aligned with a top quality insurance provider from your area, you would have gotten multiple quotes from them knowing full well you received the lowest quote possible for your situation and any claims you had to deal with would be handled professionally as only the top companies do.

Anyway… back to the story…

So when you pick up the telephone and call your insurance representative to tell him you want to turn in an insurance claim, he seems very helpful. He even indicates a body repair shop you can take your vehicle to, and may refer to it as being a “preferred” repairer.

You may think “Well, that is certainly a good thing.” You need not endure the hassle of selecting a body shop, neither is it necessary to do any “groundwork” researching body shops to find one that’s reliable and that you can have confidence in to perform good work. Besides, you just want to get your vehicle repaired, right? However let’s imagine you are already aware of a good body shop that does body repair and would wish to take your vehicle there.

So you say to your insurance representative “I would rather take my car to an alternative repair service that I’m already experienced with”. But he responds with something such as “We won’t guarantee the repair if you go there” or “You’ll have to spend much more if you go to the shop of your choice” or some other assertion designed to dissuade you from going to your shop and encourage (or even try to coerce) you to go to the company’s “preferred” shop.

So what to make of all this? You may well be curious about exactly why he is aiming to dissuade you from opting for your own shop.

The answer has nothing to do with allowing you the convenience of not having to locate a good repair shop … but to make a profit, and as great a profit as possible! And that is attained by lessening the total amount they have to pay back in insurance claims.

So the body shop your agent suggests is “preferred”  … preferred by the insurance provider for THEIR benefit, not yours. And why is that? Because the shop has signed an agreement to pre-negotiate your vehicle repairs by giving the insurance company discount rates by using “aftermarket” auto parts. But unfortunately, some of these parts are inferior in quality and may even result in a hazardous repair job! This might even mean that your car will be dangerous to drive after the repairs have been completed.

There are even more reasons why choosing a bad body shop can lead to unsafe fixes. There’s a procedure known as “Clipping”, which means cutting away a complete half of your vehicle (either the front or rear half) and affixing another (undamaged) half of a car that has been wrecked.

This procedure actually involves cutting through the auto’s unibody or frame, and it affects its structural integrity. Does this sound dangerous to you? Well it is. But if you think it could be unlawful, well, think again! It’s done on a regular basis.

Obviously the best answer is to avoid an auto accident altogether, but if you’re involved in an auto accident – LOOK OUT! Find out if the shop proposed by your representative will be repairing your vehicle with aftermarket parts. And if the shop uses “clipping” … then RUN the other way!

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