Car Insurance for Students in College-Learning How to Save

car insurance for students in collegeObtaining the best car insurance for students in college is the outcome of the process of learning.  Something we’re confident that you’re no stranger to.  Whether you’re in your first two years of college taking general studies or in the later years you’re finding that the process of learning begins to unlock the keys to ideas, knowledge and a better life.

College can prepare you for that better life and knowledge is the key to unlock that door.  It’s no different with car insurance for students in college.  It’s a field most in college know little about and a topic that, with a little instruction, will make you very knowledgeable with the end goal of saving you money now and for years to come in the future.  That’s where we’re headed, so please read on.

Car Insurance for Students in College

The car insurance industry has changed and adapted dramatically over the last many years to accommodate “you”.  Yes, you the college student.  The young person that wants the independence of learning for themselves and discovering for themselves how to make the best decisions in each new circumstance you encounter. As an internet savvy generation, your ability to acquire the best priced car insurance for students in college through free online quoting easily, quickly and conveniently was the insurance industry’s answer to your insurance needs for every type of insurance.

Through our free Rapid Quote Partner Network at this website, we allow you to be in control of your quoting and insurance purchase by offering high quality discount car insurance for students in college.  You will accomplish this by simply getting multiple quotes from our network partners that serve your area after you enter your zip code.  It would be less than helpful though, to have you begin quoting without the background knowledge you need to feel comfortable and confident while quoting your insurance.

Online quoting is the single most important key to getting the very best pricing for car insurance for students in college.  Nothing else will make as big of an impact than quoting multiple companies against each other so you can know with 100% confidence that you have found the best priced insurance for your particular situation.

Car Insurance for Students in College-Why Online Quoting

The reasons millions of young people today go online to quote insurance for free include:

  • A quoting system doesn’t sleep.  It’s available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including evenings, weekends and holidays. College students can have odd hours and we realize this so getting quotes when it’s convenient for your is important. (Try getting quotes from an agent during evenings, weekends or holidays.)
  • When you take some time to obtain more than one quote you are realistically comparison shopping car insurance companies against each other.
  • People are often surprised to find that car insurance quotes often vary considerably.  No two companies quote the same way.  They often put different emphasis on different variables. These differences are huge advantages for you.
  • Most of our customers find, as you will too, that their first quote is often not the lowest quote they receive.
  • One distinct advantage of quoting insurance online is that it allows you to adjust and modify different variables during the quoting process.  You can adjust coverage types, amounts of coverage and even deductible amounts so you can see how each single change may affect your quote.
  • It’s the only way that you’re going to be sure that you’re getting the cheapest car insurance period. Getting one quote won’t.  Getting two quotes will give you a range, but only by getting 3 or more will you confirm what the best quote for you should be.
  • You do price shopping for pretty much everything.   Why shouldn’t you compare pricing for something that’s “required” like auto insurance.   Especially when you learn that no two quotes are the same. That’s why car insurance companies advertise the savings by going with them.  It’s very price competitive.
  • Most people dread shopping for insurance because of the requirement to reach out to sales agents and the pressure associated with them trying to sell you a policy.  Online quoting becomes more of a discovery process instead of drudgery process.
  • You can quote online when you have the time, not on the schedule of someone else.
  • It’s free!  It’s a system that really saves you money and it’s 100% free with no obligation to buy whatsoever.  It really does fit the needs of the young consumer today.

Car Insurance for Students in College-Insurance & Savings Knowledge

Car insurance is quoted by zip code for two reasons.  It allows our network partners that serve your location to be displayed once you’ve entered your zip code and secondly, it allows the insurance companies to align with their actuarial statistics regarding the auto theft, vandalism and accident claims in your area.  This on the surface should give you a clue that car insurance is more expensive in densely populated urban areas as compared to rural areas where the likelihood of these claims per capita is considerably less.

Car insurance is regulated by each state at the state level.  Every state has minimum requirements for car insurance coverage and the system that the car insurance is administered under.  Those being “no-fault coverage” which is defined at the link or you can get a listing of no fault coverage states here or “at-fault coverage” which most states operate under.  This is a state where a person will be found at fault for an accident and they along with their insurance company will be held responsible for the damages and most every other state has this type of insurance system.

Hey, we said education is key right?  Well, to get a quick, but solid primer on the types of insurance so you have some knowledge of their purposes, visit the 7 types of car insurance at this link.  Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz!!

While it’s good to know what type of state yours is, our network partners will take this into account when quoting as well as the minimum coverage levels that the states require.

Ways To Save on Car Insurance for Students in College

There are many ways you can save on your car insurance when quoting.  Here’s a list that is very comprehensive for you to understand in order of importance to you as a college student:

  • Take advantage of any good student discounts you can receive for being on the Dean’s list.
  • If you drive an older car with less replacement value than approximately $4000 you may likely not need to get collision insurance since the cost to fix the car may be more than the car is worth unless you have a loan on the car.
  • Request the highest deductible amount possible that won’t put you in a bind if you do have a claim and have to pay the deductible.
  • Keep your driving record clean.  That advice won’t just save you money now, but for years to come.  It’s the most important thing you can do.
  • While it’s fun to do, owning a sports car or high performance car is a one way ticket to a high insurance premium.  If you have a goal of saving money (and what college student doesn’t), don’t drive a car that’s expensive to repair or is classified as a high risk car because of its power under the hood.  Especially for young men since they pay more for insurance than young women because they are a proven statistical higher risk.
  • Drive a car that has most or all of the latest safety devices.  It’s a big deal.
  • Drive less miles by riding a bike or carpooling whenever you get the chance.  Increased driving miles mean increased risk in the eyes of the insurance companies.
  • Take a State accredited defensive driving course.  Many states have them and insurance companies love insuring drivers that take them.
  • Establish and maintain good credit.  Your credit rating does come into effect these days.

Get 3-5 free quotes from our Rapid Quote Partner Network.  It’s the only way to ensure you’re getting the best pricing possible.  The companies are the best of the best and the savings over other drivers your age that just take the first quote they get can be substantial.  For more information about cheap car insurance for young drivers, just follow the link and learn more.  If you’re ready to quote, go ahead and get started and enjoy the savings!






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