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Best Auto Insurance for Young Drivers that’s Affordable

best auto insurance for young driversSearching for the best auto insurance for young drivers online can leave you with a little confusion as to how you find the best car insurance.  All of the conflicting information and websites relating to auto insurance for young drivers makes it more complicated than it needs to be to really understand what opportunities exist for you in the car insurance world as it applies to cheap car insurance for teenagers or younger drivers in general.

Here at Online Insurance Agents, we’ve developed a rapid quote partner network of top tier car insurance companies that provide some of the cheapest car insurance for teenagers and young drivers that you can find online and we’ll educate you about car insurance so you’re prepared to get the best car insurance coverage for the money.

In just a few minutes, our free “rapid quote” system allows you to put in your zip code, identify the car insurance companies that provide discount insurance in your location and allow you to get as many quotes as you want for free with no obligation to purchase at all.

Best Auto Insurance for Young Drivers Affordably

Doing price comparison shopping between insurance companies is one of the best ways to save money on car insurance for young drivers and drivers at any age.  For young drivers it’s critically important though because you’re faced with rates based on statistical data of others versus rates based on your historical driving record.  That’s how the insurance industry works for newer younger drivers and that’s why shopping online with us for 3 or more quotes is so critically important. We’ll get you the best pricing, but you have to do your part and yes, that includes taking a little time to do a little homework.

So, you want the best pricing for the best coverage.  Let me repeat that… you want the best pricing for the best coverage.  Not the best pricing for the least amount of coverage.  The whole point of having insurance is so that the coverage you need is there when you have to use it, right?

Our partner network includes some of the most trusted names in the industry depending on your location such as Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, 21st Century, the General, Liberty Mutual and many more.  By quoting online you are able to cut out the brick and mortar middleman and save money, but there are many more ways to save online so you get the coverage you want while still getting the best car insurance for young drivers possible.

Getting the Best Auto Insurance for Young Drivers Requires a Little Education

As a young driver, what do you know about the basic 7 types of car insurance?  What do you know about how to save money on car insurance?  Car insurance isn’t a complicated topic.  The problem is that when you go to get insurance you’re faced with loads of websites that are all trying to make money, but are very thin on content that can help you.  Many read like gibberish and are of no value to the reader.  We believe you need to be educated and if you go through our website, you’ll see that we focus on helping younger drivers.

Your State’s Car Insurance Requirements

Quite possibly as teenager or someone in their early 20’s looking for the best auto insurance for young drivers at an affordable price, you may not be aware that every state has minimum car insurance requirement that you have to have to be a legal driver.  These requirements vary from state to state and are easy to find on the internet for each state.  While you can get by with just the minimum coverage you’re quite possibly leaving yourself unprotected in the event that you get into a bad accident that has substantial personal injury attached to it for example.

When you quote your car insurance for young drivers, you can start with a basic policy that covers the minimum requirements, but you should consider building on the policy from that point to the level of coverage that you really should have and compare pricing along the way as you adjust the coverage amounts, deductible amounts etc..

When you compare auto insurance for young drivers you’ll also find that where you live matters in the cost of your policy.  That’s one of the reasons car insurance is quoted by zip code through our partner network.  It allows us to display the partners in the network such as Geico, Progessive, Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm and more that provide insurance in your area, but even more importantly is that it tells the car insurance companies where you reside and keep your vehicle as it relates to accident claims and auto theft or vandalism claims in your location.  Insurance is a business of actuarial statistics and they know what goes on in all locations they serve.

By living in a metro area you’re exposing yourself to more accidents and claims.  If you live in the suburbs or the country it can be a completely different story and your rates just 20 miles away can be completely different.

The Best Auto Insurance for Young Drivers – Saving Tips

No discussion about car insurance for young drivers would be complete without ideas on how to realistically save money and there are plenty of ways:

  • Drive a car with a higher safety rating.
  • Get a higher deductible that is still affordable for you.
  • Take advantage of any good student discounts if you’re still in school.
  • Take state accredited driver safety classes.
  • Do away with collision insurance if the cost to repair your car in a common accident may be more than the value of the car.
  • Drive less miles if you can carpool or ride your bike.  Most policies are built on 12,000 miles of driving per year.  Excessive driving ads risk which ads cost to your policy.
  • Avoid tickets for violations.
  • Keep a good credit rating.  While not a large factor in calculating your premiums, it does have a small effect.
  • Quote, Quote, Quote… we can’t stress enough the importance of getting multiple quotes and your first quote is often not the lowest priced quote you’ll receive so getting 3 quotes or more is really important to ensure you’re getting the lowest price possible.

We hope all of this information has helped you get your car insurance quote estimate for cheaper auto insurance for young drivers and that you have a better understanding about how car insurance works so you can get the best auto insurance for a young driver that’s possible for your situation with coverage that is perfect for your situation.




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