Health Insurance for 18 Year Olds – Fast Affordable Quotes

health insurance for 18 year oldsObtaining free quotes from our online Rapid Quote Partner Network is, bar none, the most effective thing you can do to get quotes for some of the cheapest health insurance for 18 year olds available in the marketplace today.

While health insurance for a teenager may not be on the top of your mind most of the time, you’re obviously now looking and let’s face it, the cheaper the cost for the right coverage, the more money you’re going to save right out of the gate.

The great part about getting health insurance quotes for 18 year olds is that:

  • You can get fast, convenient quotes in minutes with no obligation to buy.
  • You can price compare 3,4 even 5 quotes at no cost to you whatsoever.
  • You may likely qualify for some of the cheapest health insurance of your lifetime because of your young age and likely good health.
  • You may be able to take advantage of a number of discounts we’ll talk about.

Health Insurance for 18 Year Olds – Change is in the Air

You may be in a position to remain on your family health insurance policy if your situation is such that it’s a possibility.  If you can, say you’re an 18 year old college student and still a dependent in your family then that would be the best option for you.  If that’s not possible, then you’re likely in a position that you need to pursue health insurance as an 18 year old for the first time in your life.  Frankly, researching and quoting health insurance isn’t complicated and your situation as a young adult is one of the best possible situations possible to save money on health insurance of any age group there is.

Being a young adult, one of your biggest concerns is likely making sure you get health insurance coverage that’s affordable.  Let’s face it, it has to fit into your budget and still give you the coverage you need.  Fortunately, the statistics are in your favor because your youth is on your side in a big way.  There are also a number of facts you should know about health care for young adults that you should be aware of that can affect you from ages 18 through age 26 with the Affordable Health Care Act.  There is more information at the link provided.

Health Insurance for 18 Year Olds – Your Circumstances Examined

Every 18 year old needing health insurance is in a transitional period of their life.  By this we mean that:

  • You’re getting out of high school and heading into the work force.
  • You’re heading to college.
  • You’re going to become a self employed entrepreneur.
  • You’re graduating high school, not going to college and looking for a job, but currently unemployed.
  • You’ve graduated and you’ve just found a job.

Every one of these transitional situations brings about unique circumstances regarding your health insurance coverage as a young adult and what your options are regarding the coverage you may or may not need.  More information can be found at the link provided that will give you insight into your options in each situation.

In closing we would like to be realistic about your expectations regarding health insurance for 18 year olds and your specific situation.  You will typically have to get a physical or often have a medical professional visit your residence to run some tests and take blood and urine samples.  If you have pre-existing conditions, if you’re substantially overweight or have any other compromised health issues that may pose a higher risk for a claim, the cost of your coverage may be more or you may be difficult to insure period.

Have the proper expectations, do your homework and most importantly don’t settle for just one quote.  No two insurance companies quote the same way and your first quote is often not your best quote.  You have a great opportunity with our partner network to get the best pricing in the marketplace, so use our free quoting network to help you to do your pricing research.

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