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Car Insurance in San Jose CA with Cheaper Faster Quotes

car insurance in san jose caIf you’re looking for low priced car insurance in San Jose CA, you’ve come to the right place.  There is no other way to guarantee the best car insurance pricing for San Jose CA residents than online quoting and our online rapid quote partner network with the top tier companies serving the San Jose market is one of the best places to get the lowest car insurance quotes in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

The average car insurance quote for San Jose California is approximately $1500 per year which is roughly 3% above the average for Santa Clara County in total.  In many cases, depending on your situation, you can do better than the average and online quoting plays a huge role in that by allowing multiple car insurance companies to compete for your business through our online partner network.

Car Insurance in San Jose CA-Best Prices

As a serious online shopper for car insurance in San Jose CA, you want to know you’re getting the best pricing possible while saving time without the headache of contacting insurance agents, setting up appointments and fighting traffic to drive around to the meetings with agents all in order to get the best pricing possible. That’s not necessary at all anymore and our Rapid Quote Partner Network is designed to give you the best pricing in the marketplace for your specific situation.

Online quoting was established specifically with you the consumer in mind.  Not only is the convenience factor far superior for saving precious time, but the companies that you can now quote with through our partner network are the best in the industry and specialize in online quoting passing the savings on to you the consumer.  With no need for all of the overhead of staffing agents, physical locations and the costs associated with the old fashion business model, you reap the savings and frankly, the savings can be substantial.

Why get multiple quotes when shopping for car insurance in San Jose CA ?

  • Online quoting puts you the customer in control of every quote you get without the influence of an agent.
  • Car insurance companies all quote differently making the need for multiple quotes a requirement if you’re going to get the best quote possible.
  • Your first quote is often not the best quote that you’re going to get.  Getting 3 to 4 quotes becomes critically important.
  • Online quoting can be done at anytime 24 hours a day 7 days per week and even on holidays.
  • You can modify the variables of your quotes such as types of coverage, amounts of coverage and your deductible amount to see what these adjustments do to the premiums.
  • Online quoting for San Jose car insurance is completely free no matter how many quotes you get and there is never any pressure or an obligation to buy.
  • The speed you can obtain quotes and the convenience of quoting online makes the process very consumer friendly to do when your schedule allows.

If you would like a brief description of the 7 type of coverage of car insurance in San Jose CA available so you understand the terms when you’re quoting, just click on the link above.

Car Insurance in San Jose CA-California Requirements

When you’re quoting your San Jose, CA car insurance you’ll notice we quote by zip code.  This is done for a variety of reasons.  The first is that car insurance is regulated in each state at the state level and California has some unique requirements and programs.  We’ll touch on the requirements that affect San Jose residents in a insurance in san jose ca

The second reason we quote by zip code is to display those members in our partner network that serve your particular location.  No fear, these are all top tier companies that are superb in the car insurance marketplace.

Finally, we quote by zip code because each zip code contains data for the insurance companies as it relates to auto accident claims, claims for auto theft and even vandalism.  Certain cars are more prone to theft and vandalism, but various locations around the country are more prone to it as well.   Where you live will affect your rates, so if you live in downtown San Jose versus the outer suburbs your car insurance costs will very likely be more expensive simply by the risk factors that the insurance companies maintain.

San Jose California Car Insurance Requirements:

California car insurance is administered through a Tort system which is the most common type of system used throughout the U.S..  What it means is that when someone gets into a car accident, someone will be found “at-fault” for the accident.  That person and their insurance company will be responsible for the damages that result from the accident.  While the details of each tort system vary from state to state, the basic premise is the same.

California and every state has minimum insurance requirements for certain coverage and certain amounts of that coverage.  When you’re quoting your San Jose auto insurance through our system, you can see what the quote will be with the minimum coverage amounts and you can adjust from there along with your deductible to see what the impact of the changes will be.

California state law mandates a minimum of “bodily injury liability” limits of $15,000 per injured person up to a total of $30,000 per occurrence and “property damage liability” coverage with a minimum limit of $5,000. This basic coverage is often referred to in industry terms as 15/30/5 coverage.

While the state of California doesn’t require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, it’s one of the least expensive and most important coverages to have on your policy so make sure to add that to your quotes to see the impact.  Even though car insurance is required in California, the number of people that have no insurance or not enough is surprising to say the least.  Get this coverage if you can afford it.

Car Insurance in San Jose CA – How to Save More Money!

While there are many ways to save money when you’re quoting and buying car insurance as a San Jose resident, some obvious facts are pretty evident in the car insurance industry.

If you’re looking for car insurance as a young driver with little to no experience you will indeed pay more than a seasoned driver with a clean record.  It’s just a fact.  Did you know that in the San Jose area, men account for 80% of the traffic accidents to just 20% for women.  It’s proven over and over again that men take more risks than women and often pay more for car insurance.

Here are 10 additional ways you can save on car insurance in San Jose CA when getting estimates and they can really pay off for you.  Learning from the facts and the experience of others along with process of getting multiple quotes will allow you to be on your to serious savings compared to other folks in San Jose.

Take the time now to begin quoting.  You can easily get multiple quotes in less than a half hour and you can save 10%-30% in the process.  The payback for doing a little homework is substantial.  We hope you take advantage of the opportunity you deserve.  Enjoy the savings.



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