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Save on Auto Owners Insurance Eau Claire WI

If you’re looking to save money on auto owners insurance in Eau Claire Wisconsin, we’ve got just the low insurance quote technology you’ve been looking for.  As a National portal for many types of insurance, we work with only financially sound top providers that compete for your business.  By getting multiple quotes, you can be assured that you’re getting the lowest auto insurance quote Eau Claire Wisconsin has to offer.  Simply put in your zip code above and providers in your area will be given so you can get the best quotes quickly, easily and at no cost.

Auto Owners Insurance Eau Claire WI

Known as a thriving college and technology community of near 70,000 people and near 120,000 folks in Eau Claire and the surrounding communities, this beautiful City located some 90 miles East of Minneapolis St. Paul has much to offer.

Outlined by river valleys and steep slopes Eau Claire is home to a well educated population with the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Technical College and two private colleges, Immanuel Lutheran and Globe University-Minnesota School of Business.

While auto insurance premium costs are Nationally higher for men than for women, the average annual premium in Eau Claire is about $1850 where the National average is just over $1400 per year.  There are a number of factors that go into this calculation, much of which you have control over which we’ll cover below.

Auto Owners Insurance Eau Claire WI

Most people are overpaying for their auto insurance for a number of reasons.  Until recently, Wisconsin was one of two states that didn’t even require auto insurance.  Currently, Wisconsin has what is termed a financial responsibility law that either mandates that all drivers have to have insurance or that you have enough money to pay for damages and liability to others if you’re the cause of an accident.  Obviously, there are times where that could be extremely costly.  As a result, have auto owners insurance in Eau Claire and all of Wisconsin becomes a basic necessity for most people.

Basic Wisconsin required coverage: Bodily injury liability of $50K per person, 100K total.  Property damage coverage of $15K.  Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage of $100K per person with a total of $300K

Auto Owners Insurance Eau Claire WI

Wisconsin is a tort system state meaning if you are found at fault for an accident, you and your insurance bear the responsibility of the costs for liability and damages.  It’s incredibly important to have good driving insurance coverage so here are some ways to save money when getting your quotes here at

  1. Reduce the amount of miles that you drive or carpool.
  2. Don’t have coverage you don’t need.  If your car is old, it may not need collision.
  3. Increase your deductible if you’re a safe driver and can afford it.
  4. Take advantage of good student discounts.
  5. Drive a car of a make and model that isn’t costly to insure like a sports car.
  6. Make sure your car has current safety features to reduce injury cost.
  7. Get multiple quotes from competing companies.
  8. Keep your credit score high.  It does factor into your quote.

These tips can help save you considerable money, but there isn’t one that will save more than getting multiple quotes because some of the above tips you can change and some you can’t.  Getting cheaper car insurance quotes in Eau Claire for the same variables across the board will mean you did your homework and saved as much as absolutely possible.  That’s why internet quoting has become so popular.  People not only save money on car insurance, but they can get multiple quotes right from their home computer without the hassle of going to different insurance offices.




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