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Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained

When you’re quoting car insurance you need to know your auto insurance coverage options so you can quote the coverage you need and what’s required by your state for auto insurance coverage options.  Once you know the coverage you need you can begin adjusting the variables of your coverage to try to get the lowest quote possible.

We offer some of the most competitive quotes in the industry from top tier companies nationally and give you fast convenient quotes with our rapid quoting system partner network.  We not only give you great quotes, but we explain your auto insurance coverage options so you can make an informed decision when quoting your auto insurance.

Millions of people now compare and buy their insurance online because they know that comparing multiple quotes from different companies guarantees you the best coverage at the best rates.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options: What Options Are Available?Reasons for having Auto Insurance?

If you ever get into a crash where people are injured and there is damage to vehicles, knowing your auto insurance coverage options and having the right vehicle insurance will protect you against the financial losses that would accrue.  An auto accident can be a financial catastrophe to the driver at fault if he/she does not have sufficient car insurance or doesn’t even have car insurance at all.  We’ll explain your auto insurance coverage options below.

Keep in mind that with vehicle insurance there are many types of coverage within the policy. Have a good understanding of each of those aspects before purchasing your policy.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options: Coverage Types:

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Bodily Injury / Liability Coverage:

With Liability Coverage also known as Bodily Injury Coverage you are protected against injuries against other people if the accident is determined to be your fault.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Medical Payments / No-Fault / Personal Injury Coverage:

Medical Payments / No-Fault / Personal Injury drivers insurance coverage, in the case of an accident, regardless of fault, will cover the driver and the passengers in the vehicle in the accident.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage:

In the case of vandalism, fire, flood, theft and other covered perils comprehensive physical damage will cover the damage done to your car.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Collision Coverage:

Even if you were or were not at fault for the accident the auto collision type of the car insurance will cover any damage done so you can fix your vehicle.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Property Damage Liability Coverage:

Property Damage Liability Insurance will cover any expenses or costs from damage caused to someone else’s property (car, building, fence, city property, etc.). If the other party files a lawsuit for the impact due to the damage your property damage liability coverage will also cover expenses from that too.

Auto Insurance Coverage Options Explained. Type:

Underinsured/UnInsured Motorist Coverage:

If there was a hit-and-run driver involved and you could not get their information then this will also cover the damage caused by them.  Will also provide coverage if the driver at fault is underinsured (has drivers insurance but not sufficient coverage).

When you finally plan to purchase your vehicle insurance you can inquire about additional car coverage options to add to your quote from the company you plan to purchase your policy from.

Auto Insurance Coverage Explained. Extra Options:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical Breakdown insurance can be added to your policy and it is more or less like an auto warranty to cover any expenses that arise from problems with your vehicle such as mechanical breakdown. They have time and age of the car limits but it gives greater peace of mind to the driver in case something happens.

Rental Reimbursement

Rental Reimbursement helps provide you with a substitute rental car when your car is being fixed after a car crash.

Emergency Roadside Service

An alternative to Triple AAA service is to just add this similar type of coverage onto your policy because they cover the same things: roadside assistance, dead battery, no gas, locked out of car, towing, etc.. Your auto insurance company may or may not have these additional options available to you for your policy. It will vary from insurer to insurer..

If you want to save on your auto insurance where should you go?

Now that you’ve had your auto insurance coverage options explained, our partner network is ready to serve you.  By filling in your zip code at the top of the site and selecting the type of insurance you’re looking for, the insurers that provide coverage in your area will be provided so you can obtain multiple quotes and shop for your insurance.  There is never any cost to quoting and their is never any obligation to purchase.

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