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cheap car insurance in alabamaAs a consumer on a tight budget, if you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama with quality coverage from top tier company’s you’ve come to the right place.  Our Rapid Quote Partner Network offers Alabama residents a fantastic opportunity to get free and fast quotes for discount auto insurance no matter if you’re a teen with their first car or a senior driver with decades under your belt.

In fact, you may even be a driver with recent accidents or tickets looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama and for you online quoting is even more important because taking the time to do multiple price comparisons for free online is the only real way for you to ensure that you’re getting the best pricing for your situation.

Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama-Why Quoting

Free online quoting for car insurance has become tremendously popular in the last five years, but it wasn’t always possible before the internet.  Before, a person had to contact insurance agents, set up appointments and go out to have face to face meetings with insurance agents to try to get multiple quotes so they could feel confident they were getting the best pricing.  The sheer inconvenience and pressure of not committing to an agent in a face to face meeting is something the insurance industry recognized as a drawback to the old standard of getting car insurance quotes, or quotes for any type of insurance for that matter.

Today, with the reach of the internet, insurance companies have realized there is a different business model that is far more acceptable to people and the process of online quoting was born.  Now, when you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama, you can get multiple quotes from top companies in minutes without ever leaving your home.  The best part for the consumer is that quoting is free and there is never any commitment for you to purchase if you just want to shop for the best rate.  Total convenience with no pressure from the comfort of your own home are huge advantages, but it doesn’t stop there.

 Additional Advantages of Online Quoting

  • You can get as many quotes as you want for any type of insurance for free.
  • No two insurance companies quote insurance the same way.
  • You’ll find that often your first quote isn’t the best quote you’ll receive.
  • You can sit at your computer and quote when you have the time, not when an insurance agent has the time.
  • You can get quotes from a broad spectrum of top tier companies that serve your area from our Rapid Quote Partner Network.
  • Every quote is based on a number of variables and online quoting allows you to adjust those variables to give you the best pricing for the coverage you need while meeting the minimum requirements for the State you live in.
  • In these tight budgeting times, you price shop for nearly everything so online quoting is merely an extension of that process to give you the consumer a system that allows you to do the same thing for your insurance needs.
  • It’s 100% free!  It doesn’t matter if you get 3 or 4 quotes (and you should) it doesn’t cost you anything and doing this one simple thing can save you substantially on your premiums.

Additionally, different companies run special pricing at different times to attract new customers.  By quoting online with multiple companies you have the best opportunity to take advantage of those special pricing models.  Online quoting simply makes sense!

Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama-Alabama Requirements

When it comes to car insurance, Alabama functions like many States in the country in that they follow a Tort system when managing their States insurance laws.  What this means in simple terms is that when there is an accident, someone will be found at fault for that accident and they along with their insurance company will be responsible for all damages resulting from that accident.  The details within a Tort system vary from State to State, but it is the system used in the vast majority of States.

When you’re quoting cheap car insurance in Alabama, it’s important to remember that every State has minimum requirements for certain types of coverage.  In Alabama there is a Bodily Injury Liability of $25,000 per person/$50,000 per occurrence limit.  Alabama also has a requirement for Property Damage Liability with a $25,000 Limit.  This basic coverage is often referred to as 25/50/25 coverage in insurance industry terms for Alabama residents.

Additionally, while we know you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama, Alabama doesn’t require getting Uninsured/Underinsured Liability insurance in the event you have an accident with a party that doesn’t have enough insurance or any at all, it’s something you want to seriously consider.  Even though car insurance is required in Alabama, there are still plenty of people that don’t have enough or any at all.  It’s a problem you should prepare for and look into it while you’re quoting.  The additional cost is minimal.

 Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama-Ways You Can Save!

You came here looking for cheap car insurance in Alabama, right?  Fortunately, there are many ways you can save on your car insurance no matter your age or driving experience.  While the U.S. average for car insurance is about $1439 per year, the Alabama average is $1284, but understand that averages are just that, averages.

People living in higher populated cities pay more for car insurance than folks that live in rural areas because of claim rates for accidents, car theft and vandalism.  That’s why we quote by zip code so the company can identify these statistics and trends where you live as part of your quote.  Simply put, if you live in a city and need insurance, you will pay more.

If you need a more complete understanding of the types of car insurance available generally in the U.S., you can click on the link for a quick primer on car insurance terms.

Before we proceed to savings though, let’s get a few more issues out on the table.

Do young females pay less than young males all things being equal? Yes, they pay somewhat less (all things being equal).

Does your credit rating come into play when quoting insurance?  Yes it does.  It doesn’t have a large factor on it, but it does confirm your ability to pay.

Does insurance begin going down at age 25 for young adults with a clean driving record? Yes, at about 25 years old, insurance companies do reduce your premium for your experience and good driving record.

That being said, when it comes to getting cheap car insurance in Alabama we previously wrote an article that has 10 proven ways to save on your car insurance.  Obviously, nothing is more important than driving defensively to avoid accidents and to avoid getting driving violation tickets.  For the 10 ways to save on car insurance, simply click on the link.

No doubt this was a long article, but we believe in educating people as well as providing you with cheap car insurance in Alabama.  We also hope it reinforced the concept of how critical getting multiple quotes from our Rapid Quote Partner Network is to guarantee the lowest price possible and what’s required in your State of Alabama to meeting the minimum requirements while getting that cheaper pricing.

If you’re ready to begin quoting, simply put your zip code into our website, select the type of insurance (we offer them all), click “Get Quote” and you’ll be given a page with our network partners that serve your area with the best pricing currently.  From that point, just click go and begin quoting.  We hope you enjoy the savings and come back often!





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