Cheap Car Insurance for College Students

cheap car insurance for college studentsObtaining cheap car insurance for college students is one of the few cost cutting measures available to young adults in college.  As a result, college students are one of our biggest category of customers that use our Rapid Quote Partner Network to get multiple free quotes so students like yourself are ensured you’re getting the lowest car insurance possible for a student in college especially with the student insurance discounts that are available from most insurance companies.

This may be your first time quoting cheap car insurance for college students using the internet.  While you likely use the internet substantially for social reasons and for your studies, you likely may have never used it before as a college student looking for discount car insurance, but quoting systems like ours have unquestionably become one of the best money saving resources to getting cheap car insurance for young adults.  Getting multiple quotes in minutes from top tier companies that service your area right from the convenience of your dorm room or apartment is an amazing resource to get the cheapest car insurance for a college student as it relates to your personal situation.

Cheap Car Insurance for College Students – Learning the Ropes

Online car insurance is quoted by zip code and that’s used to determine two things using our system.

  • First, it takes into consideration which of our network partners are providing discount insurance quotes for your location at the time of your quoting.  When you enter your zip code and select your insurance, you’re immediately forwarded to a page with the companies providing insurance for your location.
  • The second function of your zip code is to lay a foundation for your quote based on statistics compiled by the insurance companies as it relates to accident claims, auto theft claims and auto vandalism claims.  These statistics play a role regarding the risk built into your premium.

As you may have guessed by this information, living in a highly populated metro area can have an impact of increasing your premium based on that factor alone.  Conversely, those living in rural communities will pay less as the types of claim rates we’re discussing occur to a much lesser degree.

As a college student it’s implied that you are likely (it’s not certain) that you are a young driver looking for car insurance.  While it’s true that younger drivers pay more for car insurance than older experienced drivers, there are a number things you can do to reduce your premiums.  At the top of the list is getting a good student discount by being on the Dean’s list at college and making your car insurance company aware of this.  This applies whether you’re getting your own insurance or if you’re on your parents policy.  That being said, staying on your parents policy can save you money as well.

We’ll talk more about ways to save in a bit, but suffice it to say, if you’re a younger driver you have even more reasons to get multiple quotes when looking for the cheapest car insurance for a college student than nearly anyone else on the road.  Online quoting has huge advantages and you can find out more about them at the link provided.

Cheap Car Insurance for College Students – Understanding Your Options

Being new to the car insurance market, one of the most important things you can do is to learn a little about it and how it applies to your situation.  Car insurance isn’t complicated at all and at the link provided here is a very easy to understand primer about the different types of car insurance when you’re looking for student car insurance discounts.

As you explore getting your college student car insurance quotes one of the first things you’re going to find out is that car insurance is regulated at the State level in every State.  Additionally, there are two types of systems that car insurance predominately operates under in the U.S..  They are:

  • A Tort System whereby someone is found to be “at-fault” for an accident and they along with their insurance company is responsible for all damages associated with the accident.
  • A “no-fault” State where no matter who’s fault an accident is, you’re insurance company will pay for your costs and damages to your car, yourself and your passengers. In these states it’s often required that you get PIP Insurance which is personal liability protection which is an added coverage cost.  This type of coverage is in Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and a host of other states.

The Tort system at-fault model is used by most States and the quoting system will identify if PIP coverage is or isn’t required simply by the zip code you enter for the state where you reside.  Again, getting multiple quotes is the only way to verify that you’re getting the cheapest car insurance for college students possible because no two insurance companies quote the same way and your first quote is often not your best quote since there is variation in the way companies price policies.

Cheap Car Insurance for College Students – Other Ways to Save

Search for rates from a variety of companies before selecting the auto insurance that works best for you. If you want the best rates, you’ll need to do a little shopping.

If you are going to move, keep in mind that your car insurance rates my change. The rates can change depending on if you live in a rural or urban area, and they vary from state to state.

Switching vehicles between members of the family can raise premiums. By keeping one driver attached to each vehicle, you can keep your costs low.

If you have other drivers listed on your insurance that no longer drive your vehicle, remove them from your policy. Having secondary drivers listed on your policy will increase your insurance rates, and removing them will obviously help you save money on insurance.

There is a myth that insurance premiums instantly go down when people turn 25. In fact, insurance rates go down over time starting at age 18, provided the driver continues to drive safely.

Remember that the annual cost of a car insurance policy is just one factor of many that must be considered. Scrutinize the details in different policies so that you are aware of benefit limitations, application specifics of deductibles, coverage minutiae, etc.

If you want to switch to a different auto insurance company, make sure you have a new policy in place before you cancel the one you have. Being without automobile insurance, even for a short time, is not advised since accidents can happen any time.

Before you customize your car, find out how much of the upgrades will be covered by your insurance company. Often, your insurance company will not cover the value of aftermarket parts, or will only cover the total value of the car with the parts added.

Reducing how much you drive every year can lower your insurance amount. If you drive infrequently, many insurance companies will reduce your premium.

When you sell a car, make sure that it is deleted from your motor vehicle insurance policy the day it is sold. Carrying insurance on vehicles you no longer own will result in higher premiums; therefore, it is advisable to remove any cars you no longer own quickly.

In most states, insurers have a certain period of time in which they can change their decision to insure you. It is very unlikely for the insurance company to drop your policy if your driving record is good, but it is always important to keep your options open.

Getting married will save on car insurance (not that you should do that just for cheaper college student car insurance).

Yes it’s true that women do get cheaper rates than men simply because they are statistically safer drivers and take less risk.

Using the sound advice from this article will help you to be confident that you are making the right choice to get cheap car insurance for a college student. When your decisions are informed ones, it is easier to feel confident about your car insurance choices.


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