affordable car insurance for college students

Affordable Car Insurance for College Students that Budget

Affordable Car Insurance for College StudentsAre you in college and looking for cheap car insurance for college students ? If you’re in college or soon to be starting college and you need affordable car insurance for college students, our Rapid Quote Partner Network of top insurance carriers covers the entire U.S and offers some of the best car insurance for college students in the marketplace.

If you’re new to the online car insurance quoting process and you need car insurance that fit’s a college student’s budget, online quoting is used by millions of young adults that understand the need to compare multiple quotes to get the best pricing and need a convenient one stop shop that is completely free so they can do it when it fits their busy schedule.

By getting 3-5 quotes from our top tier providers by entering your zip code and selecting your insurance, you’ll be given a web form with all of our providers in your location.  The whole process can easily take less than a half hour and that is never any obligation to purchase.  Most young adults understand the need to do price comparisons to save money and that’s what our free online quote system allows you to do.

Affordable Car Insurance for College Students – We Understand

We know that there are enough pressures when you’re in college that quoting or buying car insurance doesn’t need to be a hassle as well.  More importantly we know that no two car insurance companies price their car insurance policies the same way nor is your first quote often your best quote whether you’re quoting online or in person.

What we’re best at is offering you one of the best quoting resources in the industry and even more importantly we educate you about the car insurance process because we know you’re likely pretty new to this process and all of the ways that you can save money.

Unlike health insurance where your best pricing is often obtained when you’re young, affordable car insurance for college students is obtained by being smart and doing some homework about using online quoting, learning how car insurance works and learning how to save money.  With car insurance, being young works against you meaning it costs more so there is even a bigger need to make sure you do price comparisons.  Up to this point  we’ve discussed online quoting so let’s turn our attention to how car insurance works.

Affordable Car Insurance for College Students – How Car Insurance Works

Once you understand the types of car insurance available and how car insurance works, you’ll have a number of saving opportunities ahead of you that you can choose to take advantage of or not, depending on how serious you are about saving money… and you should be pretty serious because the savings can really add up.

The cost of car insurance for an 18, 19 or 20 year old may seem unfair compared to that of an older driver, but getting cheaper car insurance for a college student should be your goal.  Not getting car insurance that is cheaper than anyone else’s.  That’s just not realistic as one like yourself getting car insurance for a young driver.  The link above is from a previous article that will go through a whole bunch of savings that you can get with a little extra forethought and work.

The car insurance industry is an industry of risks and rates.  The more you can minimize the risk for a car insurance company, the better your rate will be.  With that being said, there are some things you can’t do much about.

You can do much about your age, your driving record to this point (if it’s not good) or where you live or go to school.  While the first two issues here are pretty obvious, the last one deserves an explanation to better help you understand how car insurance is calculated.

The foundation for your quotes becomes where you live and store your car.  Thus, why your zip code is entered into our quote system.  Your location tells a car insurance company quite a bit.  The number of car insurance claims and claims for car theft and vandalism in your location are statistics that are invaluable to a car insurance company.  As a result, common sense might tell you that living in a metro area with more people and more crime is going to raise your premiums right off the bat.  Someone living just 20 miles away in a rural area in a different zip code will likely pay measurably less for their car insurance.  Location matters.

Affordable Car Insurance for College Students – State Requirements

No matter what State you live in, your State minimum car insurance requirements have to be met. Often, the minimum requirements are where you need to start, but you will likely build a policy that has more coverage than the minimum amounts.  Most States have a minimum of bodily injury liability limits per person and per occurrence and also the  property damage liability limit.  The link above will show you the limits for each State.

One really important note.  Many States don’t require uninsured or under insured coverage.  Whether your state does or not, get it.  Just because you’re looking for affordable car insurance for college students, doesn’t mean you should make a blatant mistake on your policy just to save money.  It’s the best coverage for the money available and in tough economic times, many people are driving without insurance or are severely under insured.  Don’t you be one of the people to have an accident with someone in this situation.  It happens all too often and without this coverage you could have big problems.

Armed with the information and links provided, you’re more than ready to begin quoting.  Please take the time to get multiple quotes from our fantastic partner network and you’ll be able to find a great policy that gives you a low car insurance rate for a college student like yourself.




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