How Much is Insurance for a 17 Year Old Male?

The best and only way to find out how much is insurance for a 17 year old is to get multiple quotes through our Rapid Quote partner network for your specific circumstances.  The largest group saving money on their insurance are internet savvy young adults just like you that realize online quoting is a powerful resource that cuts out the middleman and can easily save you 10% to 30% on your quotes as you have the best insurance companies compete for your business by getting multiple free quotes in just minutes.

How Much is Insurance for a 17 year old male?

Here are some facts about the situation as it relates to the cost of insurance for a 17 year old. While you’re just starting your new driving ventures and are going to be looking for the lowest auto insurance for young drivers, you can reduce your costs through a number of variables if you’re inclined to make some sacrifices.  Since young women will pay less than a young man all things being equal, you need to take action when you can.

The simple fact that you came to our quoting website is by far the number one step anyone can make to get the lowest quote possible and it’s even more important for young drivers to have companies competing for their business.  It’s also the only way as a financially responsible young person that you’re going to know for sure that you’re getting the absolute rock bottom price possible.

Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes for a 17 Year Old

Saving money is what it’s all about, so let’s get started because cheap auto insurance for a young adult doesn’t mean bad auto insurance.  Not at all.

First and foremost, what are you going to use as a deductible amount.  This is the amount you’ll have to pay prior to your insurance kicking in, if you’re in an accident that you’re at fault for.  The higher you make this amount, frankly, the lower your insurance is going to be.   Be conservative and make sure your deductible is an amount that you can afford if you do get into an accident and you end up having to use your insurance.

As a young driver you may be tempted to get a sports car, muscle car or some other ego boosting car.  With fuel costs rising and insurance companies already rating men as bigger risk takers than women, you’re making a big mistake unless it just doesn’t matter.   Then again, you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t matter.

As a result of trying to save money on a more conservative car to insure you may look at a good used car, which is often the case with young new drivers.  Smart move.  If you’re going to have a loan you’re going to have to get collision insurance, but if you don’t and the car isn’t worth say even $3000-$4000 you may want to pass on collision insurance to save some money on your premium.

Make sure the car isn’t so old that you’re sacrificing safety.  Not only for the sake of safety, but also because those same safety features will give you a lower quote as well.  Seat belts, airbags and anti-theft devices all help you get a better quote.

If you’re driving for work, you can reduce your quote by reducing the miles that you’re driving which means carpooling if that’s an option.  Heck, with today’s gas prices it’s probably a good thing anyway.  Your time behind the wheel does affect your quote, though not as much as your deductible.

All of these ideas are solid tried and true ways to get your quote lowered if you’re not living with your folks at home or for when you do move out.  If you’re still under their roof you can certainly be added to their policy (if they’re in good standing) to save money.  That can work to your advantage as well.






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