Protecting Truck Cargo

Commercial trucks supply fundamental merchandise throughout the country, and are extremely important for our overall economy.  Practically each product we buy was transported as freight on a commercial truck sometime during its journey.

Cargo is normally highly valuable. Shipments will range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single shipment.  Truck drivers hold the responsibility to guarantee the cargo arrives at its requested destination unharmed and in very good condition.   Trucking companies that neglect to do this may very well be liable for replacement price of the goods.

Cargo insurance plans for commercial trucks may help protect trucking companies, owner operators, and company truck drivers from legal responsibility in case cargo is damaged or lost. This insurance safeguards companies from liability resulting from cargo damage by accident, theft, vandalism, and other covered occurrences.  Cargo insurance is created to safeguard both small owner operator trucking businesses and larger trucking companies.  

Monthly insurance payments will vary depending on the amount of coverage the trucking company is interested in and the specific routes they run. Trucking companies that purchase cargo insurance need to have a good idea of the value of the merchandise they are carrying and the amount of money they can commit to monthly insurance premiums.  Companies that run many trucks have an amplified risk exposure for cargo loss, and should absolutely give some thought to commercial vehicle cargo insurance.

Commercial cargo insurance can also be very affordable.  Rates for larger operations may be spread out over many trucks, offering a wide scope of protection for cargo being hauled.  Cargo insurance is a small price to pay when faced with the loss of a total load.

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