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Price of Car Insurance for Teenagers

price of car insurance for teenagersThe price of car insurance for teenagers can vary considerably because it’s dependent on quite a few factors.  The only way to can know what you’re going to pay for car insurance is to obtain free quotes right here through our Rapid Quote Partner Network.

You’re a young newer driver and you still want to save as much money as possible with your car insurance.  We understand that.  That’s what our Rapid Quote Partner Network is all about and what it was specifically designed to provide.  By getting multiple quotes from competing top quality companies that serve your area, you’ll know exactly what your premium will be, you can be certain that you’re getting the lowest quote and when you quote there is never an obligation to purchase.  It’s a fantastic process that’s fast, easy and very convenient for you the consumer.

Price of Car Insurance for Teenagers

The simple fact that teenagers often pay more for car insurance makes online quoting to find the price of car insurance for teenagers even more important.  There is no other way to know what the cost of car insurance is going to be for you specifically, other than online quoting and we specialize in online quoting the price of car insurance for teenagers.

You may have heard this, but it’s also a fact that car insurance for teenage men is more expensive than the price of car insurance for teenage men.  When you begin to understand that car insurance is a business of statistics that assign probability to the rates they quote, you’ll find that young men are simply a higher risk for claims than young women by a factor of 3 to 1.  That doesn’t mean that young men don’t have ways they can save money while quoting which we’ll discuss, but it makes the need for online quoting even more important.

Price of Car Insurance for Teenagers-Strategy

Online quoting for your car insurance is part of an overall strategy to get the lowest cost premium possible in the easiest most convenient way.  While in the past a person had to call insurance agents, set up appointments and waste countless hours in front of an insurance rep, that’s not the case any longer.

Insurance companies recognized the younger folks are savvy online and wanted a method of delivering service and pricing for their insurance needs that met their lifestyles and their online prowess.  They realize that teenagers are the future and if they can provide the best price of car insurance for teenagers in a way that your generation can relate to, they’re more likely to sell more insurance.  That’s why online quoting came to be, but that’s not the end of the story.

There are huge advantages to online quoting that put you the consumer in control.  Here they are:

  • You likely don’t know that car insurance company quotes vary widely.  No two car insurance companies quote the same way.  That becomes an opportunity for you.
  • Getting multiple quotes is critical because you’ll find that the first quote you receive is often not the best quote you’ll receive.  By getting 3 to 4 quotes you’re guaranteed that you’ve discovered the best pricing for your situation.
  • As we mentioned before, quoting car insurance is a culmination of variables. Online quoting allows you to adjust the variables of your quote such as: type of insurance, amount of coverage and the deductible amount you choose.
  • Online quoting saves tremendous time in contrast to scheduling appointments and visiting insurance agents to try to get the best quote.
  • Online quoting gives you instant access to numerous top tier insurance companies in one convenient location right from the comfort of home at a time that’s convenient for you and not around the schedule of someone else.
  • Online quoting is available to you every day, 7 days a week and even on holidays to allow for you to quote when you have time.
  • Online quoting only takes a few minutes per quote and is very user friendly.
  • Online quoting is free!  It doesn’t cost anything no matter how many quotes you get and there is never any obligation to buy.  It’s you doing your homework so you know for a fact you’re getting the cheapest price of car insurance for teenagers possible which is why you came here in the first place.

Why Do We Need Your Zip Code?

There are two reasons that you enter your zip code when quoting the price of car insurance for teenagers and every other type of insurance for that matter.

  • First, it allows our partner network to display the companies that serve your specific area that you live and store your vehicle.  These companies are familiar with your location, have the statistical data to accurately quote insurance where you live and are often offering new policy discounts that you can take advantage of at various times.  That means additional savings to you.
  • The second reason is simply this.  Remember we said that car insurance companies quote based on statistics.  In their database they have current and historic data relating to claims in your location for accidents, car theft and vandalism.  This data is used to set a base or foundation for the beginning of your premium quote.  If you live in a more populated metro area your car insurance costs will be more than someone living in a rural outlying area with all other variables being equal.  It’s really that simple in terms of understanding.

Price of Car Insurance for Teenagers-How to Save Money

Car insurance is regulated in every state by every state.  Every state has minimum types of coverage they require and minimum amounts required.  That being said, our system will guide you through that for the carriers you select to get quotes from.

What you may not know are the types of car insurance that exist.  Each coverage type has a different purpose in the even a claim has to be made for damages or injuries.  We believe in learning quickly so you can get on with the savings.  To learn more about the seven types of car insurance, just click on the link and a new window will open for a quick primer on the types of car insurance you should understand.

That being said, you may not need every type of insurance coverage out available and you may not need more than the minimum amount of coverage, though many people do get more than the minimum if for example they have a lot of wealth and want to make sure they’re adequately protected.  As a young person you may not have that need so you may be looking for basic coverage at the best price at this point in your life.

Here’s How to Save Money When Quoting Car Insurance as a Teenager:

  • Take advantage of any and all good student discounts you can receive for being on the Honor Roll or Dean’s list.  Insurance companies love good students because, statistically speaking, it shows responsibility.
  • If you drive late model car with a replacement value less than approximately $4000 there might be no need to get collision insurance since the cost to fix the car may end up being more than the value of the car… unless you have a loan on the car.  If you have a loan you need collision coverage to protect the lender.
  • Request the highest deductible amount possible that won’t put you in a tough financial situation if you have a claim and are required to pay the deductible.
  • Keep a clean driving record.  It’s the most important advice we could give you because it will affect your insurance for years to come.  It’s the most important thing you can do now and during the entire time you drive.
  • While it’s fun to do, owning a sports car or high performance car is a one way ticket to a high insurance premium.  If you have a goal of saving money (and what college student doesn’t), don’t drive a car that’s expensive to repair or is classified as a high risk car because of its power under the hood.  Especially for young men since they pay more for insurance than young women because they are a proven statistical higher risk.
  • Drive a car that has most or all of the latest safety devices.  It’s a big deal.
  • Drive less miles by riding a bike or carpooling whenever you get the chance.  Increased driving miles mean increased risk in the eyes of the insurance companies.
  • Take a State accredited defensive driving course.  Many states have them and insurance companies love insuring drivers that take them.
  • Establish and maintain good credit.  Your credit rating does come into effect these days.
  • Get multiple policies from the same company.  Companies give discounts if you have more than one type of coverage with them.  That’s why we offer nearly every type of insurance need there is.

Getting the best insurance price of car insurance for teenagers, as your finding, is really a function of the right price for the right coverage at this point in your life.  There are one heck of a lot of things you can do to improve your cost over time, and there are just as many to make your rates go through the roof or even have an insurance company drop your coverage.  Drive responsibly and you’ll find your rates just getting better and better as time goes on with the biggest drops beginning when you’re in your mid twenties.

It’s time to get quoting and remember, there is never an obligation to buy.  We hope this article getting the best price of car insurance for teenagers has been helpful and we sincerely hope you enjoy the savings from your online quoting efforts.





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