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Online Home Insurance Comparisons Equal Big Savings

Online Home Insurance Comparisons

You’re likely looking to do some online home insurance comparisons because your home insurance premiums continue to go up for no apparent reason.  It’s happening everywhere because home insurance customers everywhere are paying the price for insurance costs in higher risk areas.

Obtaining an online home insurance estimate is easy to do and it’s free right here at OnlineInsuranceAgents.net and comparing multiple quotes is the number one way to save money on all types of insurance.  You’ll see in the drop down menu that we offer a number of different types of insurance you can get competitive quotes for.

That being said, there are other great ways to save on your homeowners insurance quotes and we’d like to cover some of them now so that when you’re quoting your insurance here online, you utilize some of these savings ideas that you may have overlooked in the past.

All homeowners are looking for ways to reduce our cost of home insurance. Online home insurance comparisons are the best way to ensure you get the lowest cost on your policy.  As costs continue to rise and budgets become tighter and tighter every year everyone is looking for was to save.  In addition to getting online home insurance estimates, here are 7 more tips to reduce your home insurance costs.

1. Bring some security to your home

Many houses are outfitted with some type of security measures. To gain the greatest savings from your available discount related to home security, make sure that your house is outfitted with dead bolt locks, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and a burglar and fire alarms that are monitored. You do not require all these to obtain a reduction on your home insurance so though you may just have one or two remember to ask about savings.

2. Maintain a high credit score.

Although most wouldn’t think a high credit score would have anything to do with insurance rates, the truth is they do. Home insurance companies employ your credit score as an meter of responsibility. The idea is the more accountable the individual is the less claims they will likely have. So indeed, insurance companies offer discount premiums to citizens with a higher credit score.

3. Consolidate your policies.

The majority, if not all companies that offer home insurance, extend discounts to insure your autos with them. These discounts can at times save up to 30% of the overall insurance bill. Additonally, you enjoy the convenience of having an agent for both your house and auto insurance.

4. Keep your home updated.

Talk with your agent regarding the potential of obtaining home insurance discounts to maintain the property in top shape.  Some insurance companies extend savings for a new roof, electrical, HVAC, plumbing updates. The discounts are typically not enough to justify a new replacement, but if you required it anyhow, you can acquire some discounts if applicable.

5. Don’t be over insured.

Your homeowners insurance coverage should not necessarily be what you paid for them home. Land values, home values and the like have gone down in value since 2007 while increasing in value prior to that.  While they may increase in value again someday, most people today in 2011 are likely over insured. A smart move right now would be to call a local contractor and ask them what new home construction cost per square foot is for new construction. Take the number, multiply that times your square footage, and it is the amount that your home should be insured. Companies will not compensate above what it would cost to rebuild the house anyhow, so make sure you are insured for the correct amount.

6. Avoid low deductibles.

The deductible is your portion of the claim to be paid before the insurer pays the claim. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium will be. Deductibles can range anywhere from $ 100 – $ 5000 or more. Most homeowners will carry a $ 500 deductible, but the savings you can get by increasing the deductible to $ 1000 can be considerable, up to 20%. It does not take too many claim free years to make up the difference between the two deductibles, but keep in mind you should in no way increase your deductible to a point that you could not afford to pay.

8. Shop around. Shop around. Shop around.

Online home insurance estimates are easy to obtain and most people do indeed shop online for their insurance these days.  Companies like ours on OnlineInsuranceAgents.net (yes, I’m biased) give you the opportunity to acquire multiple online home insurance quotes comparisons by filling out a form that takes about five minutes. Also be aware that not all insurance companies are created equal. There are some bad ones out there, but most, at worst, are pretty good.


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