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Question from a reader in Massachusetts:

My name is Rory and I’ve got an insurance question I hope you can answer.

I’ve been with my auto insurance company for 10 years and never had a claim.  I recently backed into a car that was parked and no one was in it.  The amount to fix it is $2650. My deductible is $500.  Should I file a claim or pay out of pocket?

Rory D., Boston, Mass.

Online Auto Insurance Quote Massachusetts


You’ll note that there is no deductible for the liability portion of your insurance when you get an auto insurance quote in Massachusetts.  It only applies if you damage your car. It didn’t sound like your car was damaged.  So if you put in a claim on your auto insurance,  you’ll pay no deductible for damaging the other car. That’s the good part.

Will your auto insurance premiums go up?  Yes…unfortunately because you’re at fault.  I can’t tell by how much though, but I’m guessing your insurance carrier could calculate it.  It should stay elevated for 3 years then be gone.  If you have another accident in those 3 years, it’s going to really go up and they may even cancel your policy, so be wise and weigh that carefully.  If that happens you can get new quotes from Massachusetts insurance agents here at

Online Auto Insurance Quote Massachusetts

I would consider putting in a claim on this one, but it’s predicated on this little calculation:

What you personally need to do is find out the amount of the increase.  Then figure out how long it would take of that increase… to spend the amount that the damage is going to cost out of pocket.  Get the particulars and then decide.  If you have loads of cash, it will likely be an easier decision.

Once you find out how much it may go up, take some time and get some quotes here on our Massachusetts insurance company website.  You can compare as many as you want, they’re free, it’s fast and you don’t have to speak to anyone until you choose to once you’ve narrowed it down.  The quotes will be specific to your location by using your zip code.

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