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New Driver Insurance Quotes-What You Need to Know

New driver car insurance quotes require that you be particularly important to the coverages required in your state.  We offer some of the best pricing on new or young driver insurance quotes available and saving time and money by shopping on our website has become the preferred method of quoting to get cheap budget car insurance quotes fast, easily and at no cost.

New Driver Insurance Quotes

Being a new driver doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a young driver so we have two different types of folks obtaining quotes in the new driver category.  As someone that may not have been exposed to the online auto insurance quote process before, it’s important to understand what insurance companies are looking for, you can save and what type of coverage you should have.

Auto insurance is regulated at the State level in all States in the U.S.  Mandatory minimum coverages are common for the required forms over coverage and yes, of course, you can always get more than the minimum if it’s desired.  What’s important to note when you compare companies on our website is that there is no obligation to buy anything.  If you’re just in the market to shop companies against each other to find lowest premiums then you’re like millions of other americans that come here for the same reason.

New Driver Insurance Quotes – Young Drivers

Young drivers are in a unique category because the have little driving experience for the auto insurance company to rely on whether they’re going to be a good driver or not.  As an added complication, they often don’t have much if any of a credit rating established and this goes into your premium calculation as well, albeit a small amount compared to driving experience.

At about the age of 25 if you have a clean driving record you will begin seeing a reduction in your insurance premium costs.  So asking: “How much does insurance cost for a 16 year old?” versus “How much does insurance cost for an 18 year old?” is not going to have a significant difference unless there have been tickets or accidents that influence the cost of the policy.

Strategy: If you’re still living with your parents, it will be cheaper to be on their policy than getting one of your own.  Additionally, if you are a good student on the honor roll or dean’s list you can qualify for a good student discount.  What you don’t want do, if you’re really trying to save money is drive a sports car or high performance car that will significantly increase your young driver insurance estimate. All things being equal, girls will often get lower premiums quoted than boys because boys statistically speaking are bigger risk takers when driving.  Though with texting and driving that may be changing.

New Driver Insurance Quotes – Older Drivers

Older drivers just starting out on the road will have the advantage of age, maturity and an established credit rating (though in these tough economic times that may work against them).  In this circumstance, getting multiple quotes is a must because companies by nature quote differently and your situation isn’t as concrete as a young driver.

The location of where you store the car, the type of car, the car’s safety features, the miles you drive and the deductible you quote will all come into play on your policy and some of this is certainly well within your control to make better or worse.

The strategy behind quoting multiple companies at is simple.  You get multiple companies competing for your business and you become confident that you’ve done all the guesswork out of really getting the cheapest new driver car insurance possible.  The savings in time and money are the reasons millions of people today quote their insurance online and we only deal with the best companies in the industry that service your location, so put in your zip code at the top of the page and get started saving money…. and time!

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