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Free Insurance Quotes for Cars-The Secret to Savings

We offer some of the best free insurance quotes for cars on the internet for consumers looking to save money, save time and compare multiple quotes from the best companies in the industry serving your local market.  Free insurance quotes for cars are made available through our partner networks online to offer consumer direct car insurance savings.

Free Insurance Quotes for Cars – The Process

It isn’t often that free is really free, but when you enter the process of pursuing free insurance quotes for cars on our partner network portal, your free insurance quotes for cars is indeed 100% free.  In fact, you can and should get multiple quotes for your car insurance to compare each company’s quote with the other, to verify that you’re truly getting the best opportunity to save money while getting the coverage you’re looking for.  We offer free insurance quotes for cars throughout the United States.  If you’ve landed here from another country, we’re sorry, but we can’t assist you with your insurance needs, as much as we would like to.

Obtaining free insurance quotes for cars starts by entering your zip code in our quote header and selecting the type of insurance you’re looking for.  In this case it’s auto insurance.  Once you’ve completed these steps and click, “get quote”, you’ll be forwarded to a display page of our quoting partners that service your specific location with quoting specials.

Free Insurance Quotes for Cars-Why a Zip Code?

We get asked frequently why the zip code is so important when you’re quoting free insurance quotes for cars.  In addition to the explanation above, it’s because your auto insurance providers take your location into account relating to their actuarial statistics as they relate to reports and claims of stolen cars, vandalized cars and accident damage and liability claims.  That’s largely why your free insurance quotes for cars will be higher in metropolitan areas than for those that live in rural areas.  Frankly, the difference in those two quotes, all other variables remaining equal, can be quite substantial.

Free Insurance Quotes for Cars-Ways to Save?

For most people, moving to a different location just to save on their car insurance isn’t a realistic option when it comes to ways to save money while obtaining their free insurance quotes for cars.  Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do that can really make a difference during the quoting process.

One of the most obvious, but often overlooked ways to save when you’re getting your free insurance quotes for cars is to increase your deductible on the policies you quote.  While increasing your deductible to a level you can still afford may seem a little radical for some people, your safe driving record should be an indicator to yourself that you’re a low risk driver and the savings on your premium would more than make up for any deductible payment you may have to make over time.  The savings can be dramatic.  As a result, when you’re getting your free insurance quotes for cars on our website, adjust the deductible amount to see how much the savings may be at different levels.  This is one of the most powerful features of online quoting.

When you’re looking to find additional savings, and there are many, take a few minutes to  how to save when getting free insurance quotes for cars in this article on our blog that you’ll find very beneficial to help you save even more money throughout the quoting process.

Understanding the various types of auto insurance while obtaining free insurance quotes for cars, is very important.  You can find out all about the coverage types at the link above and learn their significance to you and your family.

We hope you enjoy the savings and come back again to quote your other insurance needs such as health, life, homeowners and more.


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