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Discount Auto Insurance Kansas – 5 Ways to Save

Discount Auto Insurance Kansas

We offer extremely competitive discount auto insurance in Kansas for Kansas residents.  Kansas auto insurance averages about $170 less per year than the national average.  As a safer State than most nationally, drivers are rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

While it’s true that every State regulates the insurance business in their State, many folks think that they have little flexibility when it comes to their auto insurance.  Obtaining cheaper auto insurance in Kansas is as simple as obtaining multiple quotes from from top companies that compete for your business that service your marketplace.

Discount Auto Insurance Kansas

Statistically, 2011 auto insurance rates in Kansas are lower than they were in 2010 and 2010 rates were lower than they were in 2009.  While this isn’t the case across the Nation, it gives Kansas residents great opportunity and incentive to shop for car insurance if they think they’re paying too much.  Here are a few ways to save even more and get cheaper auto insurance in Kansas.

  1. Obtain multiple quotes from competing companies.
  2. Reduce the miles you drive to work or carpool with someone.
  3. Increase your deductible if you’re a safe driver.
  4. Eliminate your collision coverage if your car is worth less than $4000.
  5. Don’t be over insured with coverage that overlaps.

Discount Auto Insurance Kansas

Kansas is a No-Fault State regarding their auto insurance which means that your insurance carrier will pay for your injury claims irregardless of fault, up to a specified limit. Under this system, you may lose some of your rights to file suit under a No-Fault system. The particulars of a no-fault system vary in every state.

PIP Insurance Kansas

In this case, you may want to look into PIP insurance.  Personal Injury Protection (PIP) helps pay for “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses for you and your passengers. Kansas law has mandatory PIP coverage of $4,500.

Additionally, Kansas state law requires a minimum of Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage of $25,000 per person up to a total of $50,000 per accident for any bodily injury caused by the uninsured and/or underinsured driver.


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