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Commercial Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Commercial Car Insurance

Does your business require a commercial car insurance policy? Can you simply carry on with your personal car for infrequent business ventures? It can be challenging to know when a little is too much and it’s time to begin shopping around for a commercial car insurance. The question mark is, who has to have commercial car insurance anyway?

The answer is: it depends. Any person who spends intervals behind the wheel as they are doing work needs to examine purchasing a commercial auto insurance. Here’s why? When the car’s used for work or on the way to and from work are viewed by insurance companies to be more likely to be in a collision.  That is why whenever you request a car insurance estimate one of the basic questions they’ll pose to you is what you do with your car and the comeback had better be what they want to hear!

Commercial Car Insurance

It is crucial to ensure your car is “correctly classified” as either a work auto or a personal auto. Can you deduce why? Because if your car is listed as “personal use” and you get get into an accident during business purposes, your insurance may not pick up the bill. You could be stuck paying thousands of dollars in damages since you do did not correctly report to your car insurance company that you used the car for business purposes and yet this is when it was damaged.

Because the last thing you want is to discover yourself paying for not just your medical and repair bills but also those of anyone caught up in the accident (and let’s not overlook public property, fences are more expensive than they appear!) You want to ensure that you have the correct type of coverage. Personnel who could and should be insured by a commercial car insurance policy consist of (but are not limited to):

Pizza delivery personnel
Catering to parties
Newspaper Delivery personnel
Construction workers
Landscaping and snowplowing
Sales Reps
Flower delivery
Peronal trainers that go to homes

There are more advantages to being insured by a commercial policy than just makiong sure your claims are paid, but this is critical! Commercial insurance policies commonly have a higher liability limit than a conventional policy, which is important when driving around with a van full of product, and if one of your employees must use a company car they will be covered under the policy as well. Most importantly, pick up a specialized commercial car insurance is much nicer on your business budget than to try to include your company vehicles with your personal coverage.

By simply entering your zip code on the quote header on our website you can choose from multiple quotes to get the best premium for your business needs.  As you’ll see, we also have health, group health, homeowners and life insurance as well on our portal.  It doesn’t cost a cent and it’s fast and easy to get quotes online in just a few minutes time.

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