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Cheaper Driving Insurance for Young Drivers

Driving Insurance for Young Drivers

You’ve got your license and your first car or your folks car and now you’re looking for driving insurance for young drivers.  Let’s explore your driving insurance options as you look to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for young drivers.  In today’s insurance world because your situation is unique and your options are a little more limited.

As a young driver you may not know what your options are and as someone that has little to no driving record, auto insurance companies will charge you more for car insurance than someone with a more substantial driving record.  Younger drivers are statistically more susceptible to accidents and thus the higher insurance premiums.  Young girls pay less than younger men because young men tend to drive faster and take more chances behind the wheel.

Driving Insurance for Young Drivers

When you as a young driver apply for auto insurance you should get multiple quotes to make sure you’re getting the best price.  Depending on your state you may be able to stay on your parents policy until your 18 to 21 years old.  That would be your cheapest option.

Currently, every state requires a minimum of certain types of insurance, but that also varies state by state, so don’t think you can go without or you’re actually breaking the law.

Driving Insurance for Young Drivers – Reducing Your Costs

To reduce your costs of driving insurance for young drivers you can possibly qualify for a good student discount if you’re on the honor roll or the Dean’s list in college.  You can also reduce your insurance premium costs by increasing the amount of your deductible on your policy.  If you do this make sure that covering the deductible doesn’t create financial hardship.  If it does, you shouldn’t put yourself in this position.

Another way you can reduce your auto insurance premium is to bypass getting collision insurance that would replace your car if you purchased a low cost car for cash that doesn’t have a loan on it.  Unfortunately, if you financed your car, your lender will require a certain level of insurance and it will have to contain collision coverage to repay the lender in the case of damage to the car or to repair the car back to its original condition.

Additionally, where you story your car which in most cases is where you live will also be a factor in the calculation of your auto insurance premiums. If you live in an area where there is more auto theft and vandalism or if you drive a car that is statistically more prone to being vandalized or stolen your premiums will be higher too.  Do what you can in this regard to minimize your costs.

As you get driving experience under your belt with a clean record, maintain a good credit rating and reach (in most states) age 25, you’ll find your car insurance cost will begin go down.  Most young drivers are more focused on how great their car looks or how fast it goes than the cost of their insurance.  With car insurance for young drivers being mandatory in all states, it’s a cost that’s never going to go away.

If you’re serious about keeping your cost of auto insurance within your budget on an ongoing basis, you need to get multiple quotes on an annual or bi-annual basis and shopping online at a top insurance website like will allow you to get free fast quotes from the best companies in the Country that serve your area by simply entering your zip code and selecting the insurance you’re looking for.  Enjoy the savings.

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