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Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale FL-Get Quality Insurance Cheap

car insurance in fort lauderdaleIf it’s important for you to get quality Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County at budget minded cheap prices from top insurance companies that service the Fort Lauderdale market and surrounding communities, you’ve come to the right place.  Our online free “Rapid Quote Partner Network” provides quotes for Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale to you the consumer in a fast process with quality discount quotes by allowing you to get multiple quotes from top companies quickly.  It essentially gives some of the best car insurance companies in the market the ability to compete for your business.  That competition factor is the main function of multiple quoting.  Consumers like you shop and price compare for nearly everything these days and now you have the ability to do it for your car insurance as well.

Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale FL

You may be on our website to find out what the average cost of insurance is for a person your age in Fort Lauderdale.  The truth is that everyone’s situation varies considerably and the variables that go into a car insurance quote make each quote very different and very specific.  While the average Florida quote is just over $1700 per year and the National average is just over $1400, the average for car insurance in Fort Lauderdale is just over $1900.  Yours could be higher or lower depending on many factors that we’ll be discussing.  This variation alone makes online quoting a necessity, but there are many reasons that anyone taking their own personal financial situation seriously should be quoting online.

The ability to shop online for car insurance is enjoyed by millions of people across the nation because of the obvious advantages of getting competing quotes and the dramatic convenience of shopping for quotes from the comfort of your own home, but there are many other advantages as well.  Our online process is customized to make quoting simple so you don’t have to be an internet expert to get multiple quotes in literally minutes.

If you wanted to get Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale in the past, it used to be necessary to contact a number of insurance agents, set appointments, load up the car and meet in person taking a lot of time and energy for you and for the insurance agents.  With the advent of online quoting, you can get numerous online quotes right from home when you have time and it’s proven that getting multiple quotes is the best way possible to be certain that you’re getting the lowest price possible for your situation.

The important advantages of online quoting car insurance in Ft. Lauderdale are:

  • You can get numerous quotes at no cost from top insurance companies in 10-30 minutes from home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • By obtaining more than one quote you are truly letting car insurance companies to compete for your coverage.
  • No two car insurance companies quote the same so the quotes can vary substantially.
  • You’ll quickly find that your first quote is rarely the lowest quote you’ll get.
  • Online quoting gives you the advantage of adjusting and changing variables of the quoting process so you can adjust coverage amounts, types of coverage and deductibles to see how each affects your quote.
  • Getting multiple quotes online is the only way that you’re going to be sure that you’re getting the cheapest car insurance in Fort Lauderdale possible.
  • You price shop for nearly everything in these difficult financial times.  Why wouldn’t you price shop for mandatory car insurance when the savings can be immediately made obvious to you through the online quoting process.
  • Most people don’t look forward to shopping for insurance because of the need to reach out to sales agents and the pressure associated with it.  With online quoting it becomes more of a process of discovery instead of drudgery.

As you can plainly see, online quoting is powerful, effective, convenient and necessary if you’re going to maximize your time and minimize the cost of your insurance.

Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale-Florida Insurance Requirements

Florida is one of a handful of States that follow a no-fault system when it comes to insurance accident claims.  That means that “your” insurance company will pay claims relating to injury sustained in an accident regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident up to the stated amount in your policy.  Under a no-fault system your ability to sue is often limited and this varies from state to state.

Florida requires Personal Injury Protection or PIP as it’s called.  PIP insurance coverage is used to help pay for prescribed necessary medical expenses that may result from an accident that the insurance company considers reasonable for you and your passengers. A minimum of $10,000 of coverage is required.  Often, people get more than the minimum.

Florida also requires property damage liability coverage with a minimum level of coverage of $10,000.  It’s also is advised that you obtain at least the minimum bodily injury liability coverage even though it’s not required.  For additional information about Florida PIP coverage, you can click on the link above.

While Florida doesn’t require you to get Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage, it’s a good idea to get the coverage.  Even though car insurance is a state requirement, the number of drivers driving with no insurance or just the minimum amount of coverage is pretty staggering.

Our quoting system will guide you through the minimum coverage amounts and allow you to add coverage where necessary to have a complete insurance package that meets your needs.  If you need to find out more about the types of car insurance in Fort Lauderdale and Florida Driving laws, just click on the link above and take some time to learn what you may need to know.

 Car Insurance in Fort Lauderdale-Ways to Save on Coverage

While your driving habits regarding claims you’ve made and tickets you’ve received in the last 3 to 5 years as well as where you live go a long way in determining how much you’re going to pay for coverage, there are many ways to save with car insurance.  Yes, drivers under 25 do pay more than people over 25 all other things remaining equal, but this just makes it all the more important to price shop with multiple quotes.

Here are more ways to save when quoting car insurance:

  1. Choose to drive a vehicle with a higher vehicle safety rating.
  2. If you drive a late model car, have some after market safety features installed.
  3. Drive fewer miles by riding a bike or carpooling with others.
  4. If you’re has a value that’s less than $4000 you may not need collision coverage.
  5. If you’re planning to move to a more rural location out of the city you’ll find your premiums will most certainly be cheaper.
  6. Increasing your deductible on your policy.  This can save you a serious amount on your premiums, but don’t make it so extreme that in the event of an accident you will incur financial difficulty paying the deductible.
  7. Utilize any good student discounts as a student that you may qualify for in high school or college.
  8. You can take a state accredited defensive driving course that may be offered in your State.
  9. Choose not to drive an vehicle that is costly to fix or a high performance car that is proven to put you in a higher risk category in the eyes of the insurance companies.
  10. Keep a clean driving record and the best credit rating possible.
  11. Consider remaining with your parents policy if you’re currently a dependent.
  12. Get multiple policies with the same insurance company.  We offer auto, home, health, life, motorcycle and more.

We hope this information has allowed you to accumulated enough knowledge to feel confident about quoting your car insurance in Fort Lauderdale.  It’s recommended that you get 3-5 quotes to ensure you’re getting the best pricing possible for your situation and we sincerely hope you enjoy the savings.



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