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Buy Discount Auto Insurance Baltimore, MD

We provide discount auto insurance in Baltimore, Md and surrounding communities with our online rapid quoting system designed to allow companies to compete and save you money.  Getting a discount online auto insurance quote is now the preferred way consumers shop for insurance as they try to reduce their premiums and save money where possible.

Our online system is fast, free and very easy to use by simply putting your zip code in the box provided, selecting the type of insurance you’re looking for and you’ll be provided with a number of top companies that provide insurance in Baltimore and the Baltimore Metro area.

Discount Auto Insurance Baltimore, MD

With the Baltimore metro area population at approximately 2.7 Million residents, the opportunity to have companies compete for your insurance needs so that you can save money on your premiums is very real.

While many factors go into your insurance quote, the reason insurance is quoted by zip code is to engage the actuarial statistics of auto theft and vandalism as a function of your quote.  It’s a reality in metro areas, even more than the miles you drive or the type of car yo drive, so the location of where you live in one of the many Baltimore districts is important.

Discount Auto Insurance Baltimore, MD

Some important facts to remember when you’re trying to get the cheapest auto insurance quote in Baltimore is the auto insurance is regulated at the state level and Maryland uses a tort system which means that in Maryland, someone has to be at fault for an accident and they along with their insurance company can be held liable for all damages associated with an accident.  All but about 12 states use Tort law with auto insurance.

Uniquely, Maryland also requires a minimum of Personal Injury Protection insurance or (PIP) of $2500 that helps pay what are termed “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Maryland also requires you to have a minimum coverage of uninsured or underinsured motorist protection coverage in case of an accident with someone that is obviously not insured or doesn’t have enough coverage for bodily injury liability.  The requirement is $30,000 per occurrence $60,000 total.

Discount Auto Insurance Baltimore, MD

Getting quotes for cheap auto insurance in Baltimore isn’t only smart, it’s something that should be done on a regular basis as the average auto insurance bill per year in Baltimore is reported as nearly $1000 per year higher than the average for the rest of the country.  Nearly $400 per year more than many other metro areas.

Getting multiple quotes from competing companies is the only way you’re going to know for sure that you’re getting the best price possible for your needs.  Increasing your deductible, improving your driving record, your credit rating, the miles you drive, the safety features on your car, the make and model of your car, good student discounts, multiple policy discounts with one company all can have an effect on your quote so make sure you use the same variables with every quote, it’s critical.


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