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Auto Accident and Insurance Deceit

If you’re involved in an auto accident the initial matter of concern should be to get fast assistance for anyone who had been hurt. Next, you will have to contact your insurance representative.

If you get your auto insurance policy from you would be aligned with a top quality insurance provider from your area, you would have gotten multiple quotes from them knowing full well you received the lowest quote possible for your situation and any claims you had to deal with would be handled professionally as only the top companies do.

Anyway… back to the story…

So when you pick up the telephone and call your insurance representative to tell him you want to turn in an insurance claim, he seems very helpful. He even indicates a body repair shop you can take your vehicle to, and may refer to it as being a “preferred” repairer.

You may think “Well, that is certainly a good thing.” You need not endure the hassle of selecting a body shop, neither is it necessary to do any “groundwork” researching body shops to find one that’s reliable and that you can have confidence in to perform good work. Besides, you just want to get your vehicle repaired, right? However let’s imagine you are already aware of a good body shop that does body repair and would wish to take your vehicle there.

So you say to your insurance representative “I would rather take my car to an alternative repair service that I’m already experienced with”. But he responds with something such as “We won’t guarantee the repair if you go there” or “You’ll have to spend much more if you go to the shop of your choice” or some other assertion designed to dissuade you from going to your shop and encourage (or even try to coerce) you to go to the company’s “preferred” shop.

So what to make of all this? You may well be curious about exactly why he is aiming to dissuade you from opting for your own shop.

The answer has nothing to do with allowing you the convenience of not having to locate a good repair shop … but to make a profit, and as great a profit as possible! And that is attained by lessening the total amount they have to pay back in insurance claims.

So the body shop your agent suggests is “preferred”  … preferred by the insurance provider for THEIR benefit, not yours. And why is that? Because the shop has signed an agreement to pre-negotiate your vehicle repairs by giving the insurance company discount rates by using “aftermarket” auto parts. But unfortunately, some of these parts are inferior in quality and may even result in a hazardous repair job! This might even mean that your car will be dangerous to drive after the repairs have been completed.

There are even more reasons why choosing a bad body shop can lead to unsafe fixes. There’s a procedure known as “Clipping”, which means cutting away a complete half of your vehicle (either the front or rear half) and affixing another (undamaged) half of a car that has been wrecked.

This procedure actually involves cutting through the auto’s unibody or frame, and it affects its structural integrity. Does this sound dangerous to you? Well it is. But if you think it could be unlawful, well, think again! It’s done on a regular basis.

Obviously the best answer is to avoid an auto accident altogether, but if you’re involved in an auto accident – LOOK OUT! Find out if the shop proposed by your representative will be repairing your vehicle with aftermarket parts. And if the shop uses “clipping” … then RUN the other way!

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